American Institute of Health Science and Technology: Promoting Professionalism and Technical Proficiency in Allied Health Care Services Through Abdominal Ultrasonography Course

April 14 00:09 2022

April 13, 2022 – American Institute of Health Science and Technology (AIHST), a world class institute dedicated to the development of professional cadres who demonstrate integrity, professionalism and technical proficiency in allied health care services, proudly announces the introduction of Abdominal Ultrasonography, a non-invasive technique for examining the organs and structures of the abdomen, which can also lead to other career opportunities.

This Ultrasonography course will teach students how to perform, interpret, and report a variety of abdominal ultrasound exams, as well as how to respond to changes in work practice and apply new procedures after a critical appraisal. They will also learn how to evaluate management alternatives for a variety of typical diseases and scenarios critically. This course supports the physician’s enlarged role by cultivating reflective and analytical abilities, allowing them to critically analyze existing practice and so improve patient care and the ultrasound department’s effectiveness.

“Our abdominal ultrasonography programs, in comparison to many other Allied Health job programs, can efficiently train students. Other programs may require extra training, but sonographers can usually complete their education and begin working within a few months.”Says Dr. Mahbub Emam Hosain, The President of AIHST. “Sonographers do not spend their days at a desk. Every day, they work with some of the most cutting-edge technologies. Training will continue to evolve as technology advances.” He added

American Institute of Health Science and Technology (AIHST) is known for offering high-quality, cost-effective training to a diverse workforce in order to develop future health-care professionals,Digital technologies are used by AIHST to increase healthcare delivery efficiency, tailor treatment options, improve diagnostic accuracy, and improve patient outcomes.

Ultrasound technicians are among the top ten jobs with the least amount of stress on a daily basis. Even though the work is peaceful, a sonographer’s day-to-day life is far from monotonous. Income varies depending on experience, region, and expertise, but even at the low end of the scale, those just starting out can get a good start.

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