The Foremost Basic Apparel Manufacturer Leading the Adoption of Branded Clothing Across America

May 03 05:54 2022
Blank Knights is one of America’s leading apparel brands providing unbranded clothing to organizations and businesses in the US.

Social media and even the streets are filled with people wearing branded apparels from different organizations. While this may look seemingly common and hence, not worthy of interest, the benefits it comes with cannot be overemphasized. For one, it’s a great marketing opportunity for any company. Plain apparels that are styled with eye-catching designs or phrase are a subtle and inexpensive way of generating interest in a company or cause. 

Then there is the psychological effect that branded apparels have on members of a team. It’s been proven that matching clothes gives people a sense of unity as they work towards a common cause. In essence, branded apparels are an inexpensive means of promotion that every business should consider. And Blank Knights is here to make that happen.

Blank Knights is one of America’s foremost basic apparel brands. It sells unbranded basic apparel that businesses can customize and sell as their own. The company has been operating in the USA market for over a decade, providing quality non-branded apparels to various businesses and organizations across all sectors. Some of its clients include the armed forces, continent boards, municipal corporations, city governments, community welfare centers, NGO’s, factories, hospitals, messes, airports, and railway stations.

As one of the leading manufacturers of textile products, Blank Knights has a collection of cozy apparels for virtually any occasion. Some of its products include plain sweatshirts, plain t-shirts, plain sweatsuits, plain hoodies, plain hats among others. Speaking of hoodies, Blank Knights is currently one of the best plain hoodie brands in the country. The apparel manufacturer has hoodies in different styles, colors, and fits to accommodate everyone. There are also bulk apparels of all style for men, women, and even kids. 

Every apparel made by Blank Knights comes with the brand’s seal of quality. The apparel for wholesale distributor has a culture that requires the full participation of employees to achieve and maintain standard quality. This is why all staff involved in the development and implementation of its quality system is periodically reviewed to ensure continuing effectiveness. It also helps that the company goes above and beyond to ensure that its employees function in a safe and ethical working environment. In addition, Blank Knights is quite keen on maintaining the full confidence of its customers by ensuring it fulfills their demands and specifications.

About the company

Blank Knights is an apparel brand under the parent company Knight Apparel USA INC®. It is also one of the leading manufacturers & exporter of quality textile products in the international market, a position it has held for over two decades. The company operates ethical production facilities overseas from where it brings the garments into the USA for embellishments. Its headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey is where it mainly stores all its basic apparels that are then sold to businesses, print shops, and brands all across the USA. 

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