Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs Gives Back

May 03 07:57 2022

Entrepreneurs have the strong ability to make big changes around them as they have the innovation and skills to make any idea a reality. Be it through a business venture or a personal act, they can find ways to help those around them. Barry Epling for example has launched his scholarship program for a young entrepreneur where he promises to give $1000 towards the education fees of a selected student. The scholarship itself is open to all students who wish to open a business after graduating from university and has taken steps to make that possible. Additionally, the scholarship is also open to high school students who are about to graduate and do the same thing.

The aforementioned Barry Epling is one of those entrepreneurs who has not only found success as being one but also made great strides for those around them. He has found success in both telecommunication and stem cell therapy with the latter giving him the opportunity of finding an establishment, PrimiCell, that aims to improve the overall wellness of its patients as well as facilitate stem cell regenerative treatments. His passion for his profession is what mainly drives him to help others leading to the launch of his scholarship program

His recently launched scholarship program was created with the drive to help others as well as his understanding of the rising costs of education along with the important role it plays in being an entrepreneur and the struggles that young entrepreneurs have to face on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Barry understands how hard life can get for families without a stable source of income as they have to make numerous sacrifices just to get by. Additionally, he knows the risks young entrepreneurs have to be challenged with when they make any business ventures and how these risks can easily be overcome with the help of education.

He hopes that he can help find the next entrepreneur who can succeed the same way he did through his scholarship program as well as teach them the same things he has learned as an entrepreneur himself. Stepping a bit back, applying to Barry’s scholarship program is simple as it only requires you to answer an essay that asks you to “Describe a problem that exists in the world today and how a company you create would solve that problem.” You can read more about the scholarship program as well as learn more about Barry at

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