Douglas Crawford Law Explains the Need for A Criminal Defense Lawyer

May 03 23:30 2022
Douglas Crawford Law Explains the Need for A Criminal Defense Lawyer
Douglas Crawford Law has recently shared a few eye-opening facts on why it is absolutely important for any criminal defendant to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

May 3, 2022 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Douglas Crawford Law, a highly reputable and respected law firm operating out of Las Vegas in the beautiful state of Nevada, has seen fit to explain some of the reasons why it is critical for anyone facing criminal charges to hire a criminal defense lawyer. The company said that a lot of people end up in prison for crimes they haven’t committed simply because of poor representation or a complete lack of representation and hopes that with this press release content, they can help bring these numbers down and also create some awareness on the importance of criminal representation.

Douglas Crawford Law started by pointing out that the outcome of a criminal case could define someone’s life. They explained that for that reason, it was important for anyone facing such charges to make sure they get an experienced lawyer by their side. They said that a lawyer will have a deeper understanding of the law and how it is applied thus enabling them to defend their client to the best of their ability. They also added the fact that such lawyers will have handled countless cases of a previous nature in the past and therefore know exactly which approach to use when defending their client.

The criminal law experts at Douglas Crawford Law  also said that lawyers can be valuable during criminal cases because of their relationship with both prosecutors and the various judges on the bench. Douglas Crawford Law explained that most people in the legal field tend to develop positive relationships with their counterparts after working together or against each other repeatedly for years on end. This, they said, can come in handy because a lawyer can use their relationship with the prosecuting attorney to negotiate a better plea deal or even on other occasions get favorable bail terms that would have otherwise been difficult to get.

The firm concluded by pointing out that a defense lawyer can even help save on money. They said while it may be counterintuitive to think that since lawyers come with considerably hefty fees, history has shown that spending this money is always worth it. According to them, a good criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada can help one stay out of jail, cut their sentence short, keep their professional licenses valid, and even get favorable bail terms to help them continue with their professional lives as before the verdict comes out.

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Douglas Crawford Law is a criminal defense law firm that also handles family law and personal injury law. The firm is headed by Douglas Crawford, an ex-US Army service member who was honorably discharged in 1976. Mr. Crawford is a firm believer of justice and is very passionate about it which explains why he is always willing to fight for his clients until there is nothing left to fight for.

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