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May 04 00:09 2022
Using the most effective and evidence-based method of couples therapy, Couples Counseling ATL is changing the way marriage counseling and couples therapy works.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage or relationship. From experiencing life transitions, loss, and infidelity to simply feeling disconnected, every relationship has its ups and downs. And while many couples struggle with communicating and seeking help from a therapist, choosing to get couples therapy can serve as the first step toward building a better and stronger relationship.

Committed to helping couples thrive and create better lives, Couples Counseling ATL offers the most updated, effective, and evidence-based methods of couples counseling available. Since its establishment, their premiere couples counseling practice has been changing the way couples seek help. Using the evidence-based Gottman method of couples therapy, one-day educational workshops for couples, and multi-day “marathon” intensives, couples are flocking to their practice – with some even traveling long distances to get their valued counseling services.

“We offer the Gottman method of couples therapy, which is the single most effective and research based form of couples therapy in the world. Although our services are expensive, our clients know that we are worth every penny – our counselors are highly trained, warm, nonjudgmental, but also direct and passionate about helping couples learn how to create real connection and lasting happiness in long termrelationships,” shared their dedicated team of expert couples therapists.

From completing 400-item questionnaires, to wearing pulse oximeters to measure heart rate, to video recording sessions to later watch oneself for “video playback” and greater self awareness, and having a therapist gently correct every criticism and defensive statement, this form of couples therapy is effective – but only for couples who are committed to looking at their own side of the street and becoming a better partner. This is a complete contrast to the Hollywood depiction of a couples therapist who simply sits back, lets couples destroy each other in an argument, says little, and then asks for a check before saying “see you next week.”

Instead, Couples Counseling ATL helps couples develop healthy ways to resolve conflicts, find compassion, nurture each other, and meet each other’s needs. And they do so by providing an unbiased and supportive environment where couples can feel more comfortable sharing authentically and building emotional intimacy. Currently, they offer online and in-person marriage and couples counseling, couples workshops, and intensive multi-day “marathon” couples counseling, which lasts for 2-4 days, among others.

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About Couples Counseling ATL

Couples Counseling ATL is also the only group practice in Atlanta that specializes exclusively in Gottman Method couples therapy.

Led by Atlanta’s only certified Gottman Method Therapist, Stephanie Cook, LCSW, Couples Counseling ATL is the leading provider of couples therapy and marriage counseling in Atlanta. Aside from their two offices in Grant Park and Poncey Highlands, they also serve Morningside, Midtown, Buckhead, Virginia Highlands, Kirkwood, and its surrounding communities and offer online video counseling to anyone in Georgia.

All Couples Counseling ATL therapists have gone through intensive training in the Gottman Method, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), and TEAM-CBT, among many other specialized trainings.

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