The Top 3 Types Of Videos Every Business Needs, According to Mosaic Media Films

May 05 22:42 2022
Know what kind of video best suits a business’s marketing plan.

In this digital day and age, one of the best ways to showcase stories and keep memories is by creating high quality videos. It is an engaging visual that simplifies messages while offering a unique opportunity to captivate an audience, making it an effective strategy for brands and businesses who would like to leave a mark in their respective industries. At Mosaic Media Films, professional videos are made easy and affordable with the help of their team of video experts. For them, getting an amazing video shouldn’t be so complicated.

Let’s say that a business has chosen to include a video as part of their marketing plan. It’s an exciting approach that will definitely take the company to the next level and enable them to create meaningful connections with their audiences in an authentic way. But the thing is, it can be tricky to identify what is the best type of video to make. So, read along and get ideas from Mosaic Media’s top three recommendations.

Type 1: Business Promo Videos

A popular choice among businesses is the Business Promo Video. It’s straight to the point while providing a high level view of the brand’s identity, story of a customer’s journey, and the possible opportunities of working with the business.

Particularly, Mosaic Media follows a 9-part story framework for this type, where they combine a compelling script, cinematic visuals, customer testimonials, and animations with the goal to engage, educate, and convert viewers to buyers.

Type 2: Customer Story Videos

Another type of video that businesses should have is the Customer Story Video. This makes the brand more relatable because it narrates firsthand experiences, real opinions, and experiences.

By putting the spotlight on an individual’s story, both existing customers and interested viewers can see the authenticity of the business – building a connection with audiences on a deeper level.

Type 3: Service Videos

Lastly, Service Videos are also a great option for business video production. This is best for companies that provide multiple services and it is even more effective when done in a series, assigning one type of service for each video. Viewers will surely get engrossed in watching high quality videos to learn about the process and benefits of the service the company offers.

As an Austin Video Production Company, Mosaic Media Films creates nothing but the best and incredible videos to tell amazing stories through a streamlined process. Try any of the abovementioned videos or work on a combination to create a bigger impact.

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