HGVT Provides Class 2 HGV Training and Prepares Drivers for their HGV Theory Tests

May 06 01:06 2022

To thrive in the driving industry simply requires that drivers improve their skills, and knowledge and acquire professional licences. The HGV practical skills test for drivers is a professional standard test in the United Kingdom. Drivers who pass this test become licenced professional drivers who get to receive lots of opportunities and access to a rewarding career.

HGVT is a driver training academy that specializes in providing drivers with professional training programmes through courses that prepare them for licence acquisition tests such as CAT C, CAT C+E, CAT C1 + E, and CAT C1.

Effective HGV Training for Class 2 Licence

For drivers who are just about to start their career as HGV or LGV drivers, HGVT recommends the LGV/HGV CAT C licence, which is also called a Class 2 licence. The Class 2 HGV training delivered at HGVT informs and prepares participants for the standards of the HGV CAT C Licence. First, drivers must be 18 years of age or above, with a valid car licence. Also, they must have a provisional licence, take a medical test, and then the theory exam.

In response to a query, HGVT’s spokesperson said, “The HGV/LGV CAT C licence is a licence for driving vehicles that are about 3500 kg and trailers weighing about 750 kg. The CAT C licence opens drivers to several work opportunities with ease. Some of the things we assist drivers with when they apply for our Class 2 licence course include: we provide training for their initial CAT C driver CPC certification, we send all the learning resources for their theory test for them to study, we will assist them with applying for their provisional licence, and book them for their medical test, among others.”

“CPC Standard Training Courses”

Drivers who drive coaches (regional and continental), bin lorries, articulated lorries, and buses (regional and local) would need driver CPC training in UK to get CPC certified seamlessly. However, not every driver needs this particular licence. For instance, drivers who drive less than a 19-seater bus without the need for a C1 + E licence, and payment are exempted from getting this licence.

The spokesperson added, “New drivers who want to acquire their Category C or D licence must complete the training programme that also includes initial CPC training. Very vital to note is that drivers cannot get a commercial driving licence until they complete this initial qualification. What we do at HGVT is get our students through both the qualification and training, and this only takes a few weeks to achieve. So, if you need further information about our CPC training programme, kindly visit our website or consult us via our phone line.”

Highly Comprehensive Preparatory Training for HGV Theory Test

At HGVT, they have professionals in their employ who provide drivers with extensive study guides to prepare them for their HGV theory test. This test is majorly for drivers who want to get their PCV or HGV for the first time, who want to upgrade from Class 2/C+E/PCV Licence and drivers who obtained their Class 2 licence before 10th September 2009.

Organizations and individuals who need more information about HGVT training offerings and packages in the UK can make consultations through their website – www.hgvt.co.uk, anytime.


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