Glows Ads Is an Immigrant-Founded Digital Marketing Agency On A Mission To Help All Businesses

May 09 21:09 2022
Glows Ads provides small and medium-sized businesses with winning affordable digital marketing services.

Glows Ads, a leading digital marketing agency based in New York, is helping businesses achieve their digital advertising goals affordably. The company utilizes a combination of its winning range of services to craft marketing strategies that help small and medium businesses scale.

Digital advertising is crucial to the success of modern businesses and Glows Ads understands the importance of online marketing, visibility, and reputation. The team at Glows Ads, led by founder and CEO Sergei Shik, knows that digital marketing has been diluted by digital agencies, leaving businesses grappling with bank draining budgets and no visible results. Glows Ads was established to offer affordable digital marketing services tailored to the needs of the small and medium businesses they serve. “My team and I believe that marketing should be affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.” Glows Ads offers services in public relations, paid social media marketing, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and influencer marketing. It also provides other unique marketing services such as audio advertising on Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Digital Outdoor advertising, and even prix-fixe services.

Besides its services, Glows Ads is also known as the go-to marketing agency that caters to businesses across various sectors, from content creators, eCommerce, B2B, and everything in between. Looking at the digital marketing landscape during the pandemic, Sergei realized that many small and medium businesses needed help to stay afloat and therefore opted to help them gain their footing in the digital space. Glows Ads is a data-driven marketing agency that focuses its efforts on providing lasting, effective, and affordable solutions. Sergei explains that most marketing agencies tailor their services to big corporations because they have the big budgets to spend. However, Glows Ads is a marketing agency for all, creating services to fit a broad range of budgetary needs.

“Glows Ads’ core principle is to help Small and Medium-sized businesses to achieve outstanding results in their marketing efforts. This is why Glows Ads is up 91% more affordable than top-ten digital marketing agencies. Yet you can still expect the impeccable quality service that you would expect from those top-ten agencies. That is why brands like Remitly, Allbirds, Colecti.Co and others trust Glows Ads.”

In addition to being a go-to for business solutions, Glows Ads also empowers business owners to identify the services they need and get them in one place. Glows Ads has been defined by clients as the digital marketing agency for humans, making it more connected to audiences and clients. “We strive to deliver brand new perspectives and offerings. We want to make sure that your business Glows.”

About Glows Ads:

Glows Ads is the digital marketing agency that is revolutionizing digital marketing for small and medium businesses. The agency was established by Sergei Shik, an LGBTQ+ immigrant whose passion for marketing and helping businesses succeed pushed him to create Glows Ads. The company is on a mission to provide impeccable solutions with no agency gimmicks, making digital marketing an affordable and accessible solution for all businesses.

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