Digital Collections: Having A Good Time Whilst Making A Dime With The Play-To-Earn Berserk Reborn

May 10 15:12 2022

Those who have made a fortune selling pop collector´s items are well known cases: Star Wars figures in their original packaging, videogames from the 80´s, classics from American comics, etc. This often considered “geeky” tendency has not only taken a leap forward in the 21st century thanks to digitalisation, but it has also become a true market for investment worthy of recognition. Berserk Reborn, the new IDC Games game, is the best example of this. 

The times when collections of different universes like videogames, cinema, and comics were associated with nerdy teenagers is far behind. Those boys and girls grew up, but they didn´t leave their childhood interests behind. They have brought them to the adult world by giving value to those precious objects. And what a way to do it. In February last year, a rare Pikachu card, the Pokemon World Championships Promo No.2 Trainer to be exact, was sold for the chilling figure of 111,000 dollars. 

Whilst technology has considerably advanced since just a few decades ago, games have also done the same, taking a leap in the direction of the digital sphere. The concept and entertainment factor are the same: collect cards to exchange them with other players, use them during the game, and enjoy looking for the rarest and most sought-after cards. Cards that increase in value as time goes by. Berserk Reborn is a new soon-to-be released game based on collecting digital NFT cards, in a medieval fantasy world setting.

According to its distributors, the Spanish company IDC Games, it is a “multiplayer NFT Play-to-Earn cross-platform game in the blockchain category”. Although the name sounds like it could be written in Chinese, it is now time to get familiar with these concepts as they are no longer something of the future. They are the now of entertainment and investment.

Future Investments, Today

Let’s start with the NFT, the key word in all of this: virtual possessions. Just like physical trading cards or Pokemon cards, but in the digital world. It is worth keeping in mind that NFTs are not exclusive to the videogame sector, there are also digital works of art and even people who do business using memes (those ones made viral on Facebook or WhatsApp). To be sure of the features of this NFT, blockchain comes into play: the name of the technology that stores transactions with no need for external validation, for example, by banking entities. This is due to the unspoken agreement between users that blockchain data is exchanged between all users leaving behind a digital trace, making an unnoticed transaction completely impossible. They are always traceable. One (and the most famous) example of blockchain is Bitcoin, however this technology doesn’t only use currency, but also important data like contracts and NFTs.

The other terms described by IDC Games mean that the game is expected to earn money whilst playing (Play-to-Earn), it can be accessed from different platforms (PC, Smartphones), and it is free. The game itself and the NFT cards must be bought and now is the time to do so. Not just as readers will undoubtedly have an urge to play following this article, but also the first players will get a free set of limited-edition cards in the Beta version of the game that will be released in the next weeks. There is one concept, exclusivity, that always rhymes with a good investment. 

There is no doubt about it, because from geeky comes the new Smart, and anyone can do it: prejudices surrounding online gaming will be left behind once players enter the adventure proposed by Beserk Reborn: the excuse being investment in NFTs, surprising artistic card designs, and hours of fun that will have players hooked.

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