Tymate M7-3 Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Unbeatable Deal

May 23 23:39 2022

Tymate has announced 25% discount for the M7-3 Tire Pressure Monitoring System with advanced features. The TPMS system offers solar charging functionality, 5 alarm modes, auto backlight LCD display and 4 TPMS sensors with the range 0 to 87 PSI.

The Tymate M7-3 TPMS can be charged via not only solar but also USB modes. The system provides five alarm modes such as fast leak, high/low-pressure, high-temperature, and sensor low voltage respectively. The pressure and temperature alarm values can be configured with the pressure range from 12 to 87 PSI. The Tymate M7-3 Tire Pressure Monitoring System automatically adjusts the display backlight according to ambient lighting conditions. The display shows several colors during charging, working and standby.

The Tymate TPMS is integrated with a power-saving mode and switch button. The unit automatically enters sleep mode upon 10 minutes of static state. The product includes 4 advanced external sensors and consumes low power via a CR1632 battery. The TPMS system can be installed easily and is capable of resisting extreme harsh environments.

The Tymate M7-3 Tire Pressure Monitoring System is currently available for $72.99 with 10% discount code via Amazon Clip Coupon. The company also announced 15% additional discount from May 23 for a limited time. The offer will be valid until May 29.

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