Artist Yzhood Is Set To Release A New Album, “Bravefully”, As It Expresses Deep Imagination

June 14 20:02 2022
Exceptional creativity and personality are what stands Yzhood out in the music industry, and the quality of this album is a result of years of learning and growth.

Yzhood is happy to announce the upcoming release of his latest album, “Bravefully.” The album, which contains 17 songs, has been in the works for the past two years and contains hit singles and other new songs.

Some of the songs in the album are already gaining massive attention from fans and music lovers across the globe including “Addiction” (feat. Baby Yz, Florian & Slim Spitta) and “Life Is Good” (feat. Baby Yz, Florian & Slim Spitta). Other songs worth paying attention to are “Karibu” (feat. Lucinia Karrey) and “Brave” (feat. Deb), primarily because of the flawless beat and lyrical masterwork. Spending the last decade as a DJ and music producer has helped Yzhood grow his skills and attain more proficient craftsmanship.

In the past three years, the artist has released two albums, including “Timeless De Ja Vu” and “Blackout”, which have been a resounding success up until now. Fans and music lovers who listen to “Bravefully” can testify that Yzhood has upgraded his skills and improved his game. The lyrics have become more poetic and creative with deeper meaning, while the rhythms have provided listeners with more inspiration and entertainment than in previous works.

Yzhood is not just about releasing songs; he wants to create a lasting impact using his exceptional character and personality to ensure the best result. He’s a musical genius who wants to transform society with words and music, and he plans to do this by delivering quality songs that touch the soul. Every song on the Bravefully album has been written, prepared, and presented in a way that makes it easy for anyone to relate to and build a connection for inspiration and entertainment. Bravefully is available on all social media platforms, music streaming sites, and the official website for Yzhood.

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