Finding the best local contractor for home improvement projects on HomeBuddy.

June 16 18:57 2022
HomeBuddy, leading home improvement company that connects homeowners to contractors, is on a mission to make home improvement a better experience for homeowners.

The pressure on homeowners during home improvement projects makes the experience less than ideal. “Frustration with the process, excited to see progress, impatient with unexpected delays… It’s a roller coaster.” This has made many homeowners put off their projects and regard home improvements as costly and stressful. But they don’t have to be.

“Let us help take the overwhelm out of the process and remove any obstacles along the way. Connect with us, and we’d happily walk that path with you. HomeBuddy is here to help you create your dream space!”

According to HomeBuddy, home improvements should add to the elegance of a home without tearing holes through a homeowner’s pockets. HomeBuddy is a home improvement helper that offers services to better the experience for homeowners.

Through its website, HomeBuddy is looking to reach out to more people. HomeBuddy is a platform that helps people find the right contractors, find inspiration and tips for their home improvements, and get estimated project costs. This helps with planning and execution.

Through its services, HomeBuddy has received 112,651 project requests, provided 28,162 estimates, and completed 13,259 projects. “Our mission is to create a friendly and trusted platform to connect homeowners with the right contractors more efficiently.”

Home improvement projects many homeowners look for include kitchen cabinets, stair lifts, walk-in showers, and walk-in tubs. HomeBuddy caters to these needs by linking homeowners to the right contractors for their projects. As the company continues to expand, it is looking to be a source of help for all kinds of home improvement projects.

The platform is also very easy to use. HomeBuddy requires that visitors on the website share the details of their project. HomeBuddy provides questions to answer, which helps determine the nature of the home improvement. Once that is done, HomeBuddy matches the homeowner with the best local contractor suited for the job. Finally, homeowners receive a quotation from the matched contractor. This simple three-step process makes finding the right contractors for home improvements very easy.

Learn more about HomeBuddy on the new website, explore the services and connect with the brand on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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