Ultra-Luxe Brand T Henri Rewrites the Rules of Luxury for Eyewear

June 16 20:15 2022
T Henri is disrupting the luxury eyewear industry with its impeccable craftsmanship and pursuit of perfection.


The Japanese are renowned for the practice of ikigai – a concept referring to something that gives a person a reason for living. So when design and lifestyle entrepreneur Tyler Gelb set out to disrupt the eyewear industry, he knew he had to create a perfectionist brand that stood on one of the driving design forces of ikigai – balance and power. This eyewear brand would also solve the issues of ergonomics, balance, and wearability for long durations of time. Thus in partnership with his manufacturers in Sabae, Japan, Tyler founded T Henri, a luxury eyewear brand that promises elegance, design, and peak performance.

Explaining his decision to manufacture T Henri’s sunglasses in Japan in a recent interview with Forbes, Tyler says, “Rice fields surround the Fukui region of Japan and rolling hills and the center of it, Sabae, is the Mecca of handmade artisanal eyewear. The Japanese culture is extremely disciplined and respectful and bears a perfectionist mindset. The pride they take in their craft and the end-product produced is unparalleled to any other country in the world—even Italy. And because of the country’s strict cultural respect, Japan’s best artisans have been able to teach and pass down their craft from generation to generation. They also happen to be some of the best engineers in the world regarding high-performance design.”


He further describes the process of making the ultra-luxe sunglasses that T Henri is renowned for. “We put a premium on the craftsmanship at T Henri because that’s something that is not readily accessible in most eyewear brands. The expertise and specialized factories in Sabae are some of the world’s best-kept secrets, and few industries have artisans who place such high emphasis on achieving aesthetic perfection, balance, and sustainability.”

T Henri also has its Caviar collection, which it describes as the world’s most exclusive private members club for curated, limited-production eyewear featuring two models, Corsa and Hydra. Corsa, the mastery of travel by land, features a modern, streamlined volume square shape with artful sculpting cuts and elegant two-tone details. Hydra, the mastery of travel by water, features a hybrid oval shape with angular architecture, great sculpting, fierce angles, and elegant two-tone details.

Caviar frames go through 168 steps per spectacle to be completed and are handmade in Japan’s Fukui Regions by the finest craftsman legends. This collection features jewelry flashed finishing and double hard-coated CR39 Lenses accompanied by the brand’s signature backside anti-reflective coating. In all, Tyler aims for T Henri to be a must-have luxury collection for high-net-worth individuals living rarified lifestyles. He says, “To create legacy, heritage, and collectibility, you first have to create a high-quality product worth collecting. To do that, you need to honor the roots—the great designers, craftsmen, and pioneers who came before—while at the same time evolving the rules of design and pushing the bar even further. That’s how you make history and create a legacy.”


“And why we went to the master artisans of old to create something together that’s innovative and new. By implementing the design cues and inspirations from the past century’s most talented exotic automobile designers, we’re also able to create a nostalgic sense of familiarity and a bridge to the golden age of luxury and design that will never lose value,” Tyler concludes.

Please visit thenri.com to learn more about this luxury eyewear brand.

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