Yottled received a massive rush of 1,000+ fitness and wellness businesses just a month after launching a free all-in-one software

June 16 17:16 2022
Yottled received a massive rush of 1,000+ fitness and wellness businesses just a month after launching a free all-in-one software
After introducing an all-in-one software with 15+ industry-leading features for 100% free in May 2022, Yottled received an overwhelming welcome from the fitness and wellness community. The option of waiving credit card fees is one of the hot-selling features that contributed to its rapid success.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States – June 16, 2022 – Yottled has successfully acquired 1,000+ service-based businesses in less than one month of launching a powerful all-in-one software for free. It includes 15+ industry-leading features built with advanced technological standards and an optional credit card fee waiver facility.

“After realizing how the service businesses are looking to reduce costs, we came up with a “you grow, we grow” pricing model. We want to make sure small businesses in any service industry have access to the easiest technology without burning the budget,” said Trevor Hough, CEO of Yottled. 

Yottled is for small businesses that sell services, generally needing an online storefront, appointment booking, registration, scheduling, digital calendar for employees, gift card generator, payment processor, coupon code generator, CRM, email marketing tools, invoicing, and memberships, packages, and more.

“Most of our clients are in the fitness, wellness, and beauty industry. Now, we are gaining popularity among landscapers, janitorial service providers, and more. Recently, we invited realtors to accept rent payments with our free online PoS and they are delighted with the experience. We can support 30+ different service businesses for that matter,” added Mr. Hough enthusiastically.

Some big brands like Functional Aging Institute, Mindset Fitness & Yoga, and Balance Composure and Spa are using Yottled.

The unique pricing model

Yottled lets businesses use the entire software free, forever. In return, they charge a small $0.99 convenience fee to end-users i.e., customers that make a monetary transaction using Yottled. No cost to the business. It’s a “you grow, we grow” pricing model.

A credit card fee waiver

Any business accepting online payments or using PoS is forced to pay processing fees of 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction from their own pockets. With Yottled, businesses have an option to transfer credit card fees onto customers’ final bills. While customers’ bills will see a tiny surge, businesses see a large increase in their revenue. For a business making $500k in revenue, they can expect to see $17,000 to $20,000 in revenue increase after switching to Yottled. 

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