Rosa Cortez Gets Featured on Dr. Ronald Rufo’s New Book which Spotlights the Importance of Physical & Mental Health Intervention for Police Officers

June 20 17:54 2022
The new book, “Breaking the Barriers: Changing the Way We Support Physical and Mental Health of Police Officers” by Dr. Ron Rufo, he explains why emotional wellness is as essential as tactical training.

Police officers around the country and even the globe have showed an incredible devotion to their jobs and communities, but often they ignore themselves. For decades, these officers have experienced high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, divorce and suicide. In an effort to advocate for the welfare of these officers, retired Chicago Police Officer, Dr. Ron Rufo has released his fourth book titled Breaking the Barriers: Changing the Way We Support Physical and Mental Health of Police Officers.”

The book, is a compilation of findings from interviews with some of the most renowned professionals in their fields. Among these professionals featured in the book is Rosa Cortez, the founder of Naperville Healing Center and the International School of Healing and Yoga.

“I am so grateful to be included in Dr. Ron Rufo’s new book,” explained Rosa Cortez. “Bringing into light alternative holistic approaches to police officers is an amazing start at helping them achieve mental health and wellness. The high divorce rates, PTSD, and high suicide for police officers is seldom talked about. Taking a holistic approach to their health helps maintain a healthy emotional well being so they can do their job efficiently and live longer lives.”

Immunity and health issues continue to be a top concern in 2022, people can take a holistic approach to help strengthen it. Rosa Cortez is at the forefront of advocating for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Ayurvedic uses for police officers to help them with their struggles on the front lines. She believes that Western and Eastern Medicine is the Yin and Yang of complete health as they work synergistically together to incorporate a whole body healthy approach.

Speaking on the benefits of Eastern medicine, Rosa had this to say, “Eastern medicine gets to the root cause of the ailment. It is a complete healing and preventative system that encompasses the spirit, mind, and body. When you introduce eastern components to the traditional western approach of healing, you not only heal faster, but you also incorporate a whole body approach to your healing journey, which is the missing link to health nowadays.”

Rosa is a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach. She is a PEMF Therapist, Wellness Advocate Influencer and Medical Psychic Medium. She has obtained her Asian Bodywork Massage Certification, and is currently obtaining her Doctorate in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture from Pacific College of Health & Science. Rosa is the author of “Reiki First Degree”, “Reiki Second Degree”, “Reiki Third Degree Inner Master” and “Reiki Master Teacher” books for The International School of Healing & Yoga.

Naperville Healing Center is the first bilingual Alternative Eastern Medicine Holistic Center in Naperville, Illinois. The center adopts a holistic approach to healing that focuses on both the spiritual and physical aspects of well-being. Their mission is to provide affordable holistic healing through the technology of today and the generational wisdom of past ancestors.

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About Rosa Cortez

Rosa Cortez is a 10 Generation Mayan Healer, and psychic medical medium who practices and teaches Ayurveda, Mayan Energy Healing, Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has had an impressive success rate with helping others with their ailments. She also has been teaching Reiki since 1999 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher who works with children with special needs. For the last 4 years, she had been working with celebrity clients across the USA, Mexico and Brazil. Rosa Cortez is the founder of Naperville Healing Center, the first bilingual healing center in Naperville and The International School of Healing & Yoga.

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