Santa Ana Tree Experts Lauded by Client for Offering an Affordable Tree Removal Price

June 21 21:15 2022

Santa Ana, California – When Jackson decided to build a new home in Santa Ana, he purchased land that was covered in trees. To create a space for his house and other utilities that he would need for his new home, Jackson had to get rid of at least 40 trees.

After the land purchase,” said Jackson, “together with the money the family would need to construct a home from scratch, there wasn’t much money left for the family to use on tree removal. Therefore, the goal was to find a company that offered the most affordable tree removal price.”

Jackson reportedly contacted several tree maintenance companies and requested a quotation for the tree removal procedure. From the 10 companies he contacted, only 3 showed up to take a look at the trees before giving a quotation. The rest sent him a quotation without first understanding the kind of work they were supposed to handle.

The family disqualified the companies that sent a quotation without looking at the landscape,” said Jackson. “The three companies that checked the landscape had fairly good quotations. However, only one company stood out for the family. That was Santa Ana Tree Experts.”

The homeowner noted that Santa Ana Tree Experts had not just offered the most affordable price. Its team of tree cutting professionals had also gone a step further to break down the price and show where his money would go. This convinced Jackson that Santa Ana Tree Experts was a well-organized company.

When the family accepted the quotation sent by Santa Ana Tree Experts and gave its team the job,” said Jackson, “the company’s tree removal team arrived on the landscape early the following day. On the first day, the company removed a total of 15 trees. The same number of trees was removed on the second day.”

The homeowner noted that the company removed an extra 10 trees on the third day before removing the tree stumps.

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The family had expected the entire procedure to take a minimum of 2 weeks,” said Jackson. “The company, however, removed all the trees in just 3 days. While the company did come on the 4th day, the reason for coming back is to turn the removed trees into building materials while helping with after-service cleanup.”

At a very small additional fee, Santa Ana Tree Experts reportedly helped Jackson turn the removed trees into timber. He noted that he would use this timber as part of the building materials.

After converting the removed trees into timber,” said Jackson, “the company went ahead and cleaned the entire landscape. The team of tree service professionals collected the branches, the sawdust, and the tree stumps and packed them in the truck that was waiting close by. The team also used a second truck to carry the timber generated to a site the family had prepared to protect the materials from weather damage.”

The homeowner noted that even though he had never used another tree maintenance team before, he was not willing to try a different team. He noted that he would use Santa Ana Tree Experts for all his future tree maintenance procedures. Some of the features that turned Santa Ana Tree Experts into his favorite company included an affordable price, a very knowledgeable team of tree service providers, and the company’s people skills.

The Santa Ana Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 3861 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA 92704, United States. While the company does get visitors who come to check out its facilities and book tree service procedures, the company notes that most of its tree service requests come in via +1 949-359-8204 and [email protected]

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