Whizz Cases aims to bring phone cases for Men and Women to the market

August 02 05:09 2022
While most phone case brands have more a “feminine” “vibe” to it, Whizz cases is here to bring some attention to men’s phone cases

August 2nd, 2022 – Whizz Cases is founded in WORCESTER MA USA. As a start-up in a very competitive market, we aim to make a difference by bringing some attention to men’s phone cases and tech accessories. All this time we have seen worldwide brands like Casetify and Burga entering the US market with mostly feminine phone cases/ tech accessories. We saw the need for a more ”masculine” phone case/tech accessories brand, that’s where Whizz Cases came to play. Whizz cases offer phone protection/tech accessories for those men who like their phone to also be their best fashion accesory. We understand that there is more of a market for WOMEN’s phone cases/tech accessories so we also pay a lot of attention to our ladies. In fact, at the moment most of our audience/buyers are women (60%).

The ”Goal” for Whizz Cases is to make this brand your go-to brand for any kind of phone case/tech accessories. We aim to do that by bringing new ”Designs” weekly. The idea is we will always have something new every week that matches our customer’s desires. We have a team of very skilled graphic designers working overtime to make that happen.

Now at the end of the day, we are a Fashion brand but our products also offer protection. Now to be realistic, our phone cases would probably not be the best option if you work in construction… BUT it would be a very protective case for just about anyone else. Based on SWNS DIGITAL most people drop their phone on average of 4 times a week. We guarantee you protection if you drop it 10+ times a week! You never have to worry about your phone shattering again.

Our products are also very affordable. We really BELIEVE that you are going to love our products that’s why at the moment our prices are the BEST in the market. We aim to have a 90% returning customer ratio that’s why at the moment we are willing to take some negative hits. We are 90% sure that once you get your hands on our product you will want to come back. (inshAllah) . We would like to achieve that by making the best CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM. We also have a 100% customer satisfaction rule, which states that if the customer is ”UNSATISFIED” with the product they are due a full refund. Our team will be available 24/7 via TEXT/EMAIL to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Lastly, we are located in Worcester MA USA. WE DO NOT DROP-SHIP. Every product goes through our team for quality check. We take pride in our product and stay behind it 1000%. By the end of the year, Whizz Cases aims to expand to Italy and then over time to Sydney Australia. At the moment in the United States, we are the only brand that can offer fast 1-4 day shipping. All other brands have a processing & shipping time of 2+ weeks.

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