NHU held the first Public Open Day activity

August 02 20:02 2022

On June 2, NHU held its first public open day of “Citizens Entering NHU”, inviting 20 community representatives from Qixing street, Yulin street, Chengtan street, etc. of Xinchang County, so that the public could further understand the chemistry and the new role of chemical innovation.

Mr. Zheng Gentu, the assistant to the president of NHU, discussed topics of mutual concern with the representatives in a candid manner. Citizens visited NHU, had an immersive experience of its development history, and learned more about applying functional chemicals in their daily lives after this close contact.

At the symposium, Mr. Zheng introduced the concrete measures taken by NHU to implement “Green Development” from the disposal of three wastes, risk management and control and digital-intelligent transformation. And examples were given to show the achievements of the company’s commitment to safety and environmental protection in recent years.

Mr. Dong Xiaofang extended a warm welcome to the representatives and introduced the achievements of NHU in fine chemicals, medicine and health, new materials, education and other industries. He hopes that citizens could make out NHU, and the role and significance of chemistry through this activity. And he also hopes that an increasing number of citizens would walk into NHU, thus forging a harmonious bond between villages and enterprise.

While appreciating the infinite glamor brought by scientific and technological innovation and green development, representatives also fully understood and recognized the powerful scientific and technological research of NHU and its great contributions to society and the country through this visit and discussion. They sincerely wish NHU better development and to become the pride of Xinchang County. At the same time, they also expressed that they would boost exchanges and establish a benign interaction between enterprises and communities, thereby achieving common prosperity.

Since 2022, NHU has held distinctive activities such as “Guide Enterprise to Co-work with Villages” and “Colorful Chemistry on Campus”, and actively built a platform for communication between the enterprise and all walks of life as it seeks to better fulfill its social responsibilities. Going forward, NHU will carry out a series of theme activities such as “College Teachers and Students Entering NHU” and “Investors Entering NHU” in an active and open manner to create the brand of Public Open Day. In addition, NHU will work hard to create a sound atmosphere for the public to pay attention to the development of enterprises and better build a harmonious society.

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