Mentr-Me IELTS: Study-Abroad Benefit From a Personalised and Well-Structured Approach

November 17 14:15 2022
Mentr-Me offers free IELTS study material and a library of mock tests to ensure students are well prepared for their trip overseas. Employing a personalised approach and providing unbiased, informed guidance at every step of the application process, Mentr-Me is an all-in-one stop for those preparing to study abroad.

While one of the first considerations is what school to apply to and its criteria for acceptance, the ability to communicate effectively is ever on the minds of students planning for education overseas. Mentr-Me, India’s premier study-abroad peer-to-peer marketplace, is not just a great platform to begin exploring school options. Still, it also offers a well-structured IELTS programme to prepare students for their studies in a foreign country.

With most study-abroad programmes, students are expected to be proficient in the English Language and provide the requisite proficiency tests taken as part of the application process. Learning English as a second language can be challenging without an adequate support structure and an immersive environment. It is difficult to learn any language, for that matter, without interacting with its native speakers. And most language learners will agree that speaking is the most difficult skill to master. 

With the Mentr-Me IELTS preparation programme, students have the support of well-trained experts who will readily provide tips and suggestions to deal with this challenge. Unlike other companies, Mentr-Me provides free study material and offers students hours of class tutorials along with more than a hundred mock tests for students to work on for their preparation. 

Being a highly personalised and interactive platform, students can easily seek advice from alumni and experts on all aspects of preparing for IELTS or find out about the level of proficiency required in their school of choice. They can also use the platform to engage with peers in the English Language as part of their preparation. 

Being an all-in-one stop for study-abroad students, Mentr-Me’s interactive environment offers countless opportunities for students to put what they have learnt to practice. For instance, students should ask about tips and tricks for IELTS reading and writing modules, or the scores required to be eligible for getting into a particular institution.

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Beyond the IELTS programme, students will quickly find the Mentr-Me marketplace a convenient platform to access a rich source of information on numerous schools worldwide and preparatory programmes such as its GMAT. Furthermore, having the opportunity to engage with alumni who are today working in large organisations globally, students gain precious insights about the schools they wish to attend and the career paths of those who have gone before them. During question-and-answer forums, students can ask any questions of the alumni and industry experts. 

Mentr-Me has established many activities such its live masterclasses, quick questionnaires and brainstorming session with an in-house expert to delve deep into an applicant’s professional, educational, and personal background to create a complete profile of the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. This profile will help generate a custom list of suitable schools to fit the applicant’s profile. 

Mentr-Me takes the time to listen to each student and answer their concerns. This personalized approach to the application process also involves assisting students with writing essays, applying for scholarships, and visa applications. Its team of experts aims to guide students and help prepare them for study abroad. It is no wonder that thousands have joined Mentr-Me. 

About the Company: 

Mentr-Me is a community of thousands of study-abroad aspirants. These aspirants research, short-list, and apply to their dream universities overseas. Mentr-Me’s tools help students gather the required resources to prepare them for life abroad. Mentr-Me uses a brief quiz to generate a list of schools that match a person’s preferences and combines it with a customised consulting session with an expert to ease the admission process. Mentr-Me offers unbiased and informed guidance at every step of the application process.

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