Dan Nicholson and Rigging the Game making waves in the Entrepreneur world

November 18 18:08 2022
Dan Nicholson and Rigging the Game making waves in the Entrepreneur world
Dan Nicholson and his book Rigging the Game are making headlines and stages after topping the Amazon ebook charts for business and money and becoming Barnes and Noble’s number one ebook overall.

Dan Nicholson and his book Rigging the Game are making headlines and stages worldwide after topping the Amazon charts in multiple categories and becoming the best-selling ebook on Barnes and Noble over the last week. These rankings and the impact of the unique ideologies in his book landed Dan and Rigging the Game on multiple stages and into hundreds of media outlets, including Entrepreneur.com, which featured 4 takeaways from the book.

During the book push, Dan was invited to share stages with Jay Abraham, Joe Polish, and Dr. Jeff Spencer to share these same unique ideologies. 

An excerpt from Rigging the Game by Dan Nicholson:

“Successful people don’t necessarily win all the time—and what we tend to label “good luck” is actually just preparedness for the known unknowns; put another way, they have rigged the game for the unknown While we are wired for biases, most design their systems to assume they are not subject to biases. Or that this time, they will try harder, as if trying harder is the simple solution to everything. (Spoiler alert: It’s not) These mindset approaches don’t take into account our bias, and that is a critical flaw. Without addressing everyone’s individual bias and building a system that assumes everyone will operate at their peak, it’s destined to fail. That would be like a marathon runner assuming that every day they would hit a personal record. We know that’s not the case. It’s better to build a system where you can run consistently at an average pace. And when you run faster, it’s a bonus—but not the expectation.”

You can still get your copy of Rigging the Game on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Apple books, or your local favorite bookstore!

About Dan Nicholson and Rigging the Game:

Dan cut his teeth in Fortune 500 companies and some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the country, completed a prestigious fellowship with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (where he helped write a national accounting standard), and was recognized 4 times as a top 40 accountant under 40 globally.

After gathering all this experience, Dan leaned into his entrepreneurial ambitions and founded multiple small businesses, including Nth Degree CPAs, a Seattle-based accounting firm named one of the 10 best-run mid-sized accounting firms in the US. 

Since then, he has used his insights from over 3,000 conversations with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop a certification, The Certified Certainty Advisor, that, through his business CertaintyU teaches business owners methods for increasing certainty, minimizing risk, and engineering cash flow.

Dan is also the creator of Certainty App, a financial app built for entrepreneurs based on the ideologies he teaches. 

He has crystallized all of this experience and data into the foundational ideologies he dictates in his new best-selling book Rigging the Game.

You can learn more about Dan Nicholson and check out his podcast at riggingthegame.com.


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