iOS developer Emin Emini unveils the ultimate brain games for 2022

November 21 21:45 2022
Reaction time is a vital aspect of gameplay. From simple puzzle games to top-rated first-person shooter games, players may likely lose if they fail to react fast enough. That’s why Emin Emini brought the top iOS brain apps this year.

iOS developer Emin Emini working in Async Labs in Zagreb, Croatia

Leading iOS developer Emin Emini is making headway in the tech and gaming industry with his game-changing brain games that aim to help improve attention levels and response time and give the brain some workout while having fun.

“The intention of these arcade games is to increase focus and reaction time. They help our brain to think and work faster while at the same time speeding up the processes that are responsible for brain activity. They are really great, especially for children and people with limited accessibility.” Emin tells the press.

Individuals can learn to control their brain waves to help improve their focus. Neurofeedback has proved to be a game-changing way that measures EEG (brain waves). It serves as an invasive treatment that pushes the brain to develop healthier activity patterns. To track how the apps affect the focus and brain activity, Emin used neurofeedback devices that measure brain activity and the blood flow in the prefrontal cortex.

Coloratus, for example, is a minimal ability game where players have to match colors with the color of the bottom bar and tap the buttons on the edges of the screen to change the base color. In the game, they need to be quick. It starts slowly and gets harder after a few seconds. Coloratus has so far earned a 5/5 rating on the AppStore.

Meanwhile, Starman Jump, another unique app, is a minimal-ability game that helps players boost their focus and reaction time. Starman goes around the planet earth, and obstacles will appear. To win the game, players have to jump over obstacles by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Tap War is a simple game where users can play single and with someone. Playing is easy and simple. They only have to tap on the screen and challenge their friends who will tap more in 10 seconds. They can challenge people around the world via Game Center.

Squares on Line, on the other hand, is another minimal-ability game that helps players increase their focus as well as reaction time. To play the game, they just need to tap on the screen and flip the blue square down and up to avoid red walls. Squares Game is a game available only on the App Store.

Plaxe Box is another single-player game where the player’s goal is to increase focus and reaction time. In the game, they need to tap to place boxes on the canvas. Blue boxes are previously placed boxes. As for the white one, it’s the indicator where the next box will be placed. Once a player taps, it will be placed. In the game, they must avoid placing boxes on blue ones. Otherwise, the game will be over. In addition, they can compete with the whole world through Game Center Leaderboard.

iOS developer Emin Emini working on building innovative digital products at Async Labs in Zagreb, Croatia

Emin Emini showcases a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He has made a name for his expertise in software development and engineering, game design, UI design, mobile applications, leadership, and public speaking. 

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