How to Choose Trucking Payroll Software According to

November 30 03:18 2022
How to Choose Trucking Payroll Software According to

Every company needs a convenient way to keep track of employee payroll information, and trucking companies are no exception. It’s not the most enjoyable part of operating a trucking company, but it’s one of the most essential for anyone who wants to stay in business long-term. Finding the right payroll software can be a challenge in this kind of industry because there are so many different moving parts. Read on to find out what to consider before making a final decision about which payroll software to use.

Choose Specialized Software Solutions

Most payroll software solutions are designed for businesses with simple organizational structures, and that’s not what’s found at most trucking companies. With payroll solutions such as Roll by ADP, there’s no reason to settle for generalized software that can’t keep up with the unique demands of the trucking industry. Now is the time for any business owner using outdated software to rethink this strategy and invest in specialized payroll software.

Ability To Handle All of the Company’s Payroll Needs

Ordinary companies usually need to pay out only W-2 employees, but trucking businesses are different. Specialized software will allow business owners to pay not just full-time, part-time, and seasonal W-2 employees but also 1099 contractors with ease. If people live or work in different states, that can complicate matters even further. Check with the software provider to make sure that the program can manage and track payroll services across state lines.

Tax Withholding for Truckers

It’s easy to figure out tax withholding for simple W-2 employees working in the same place according to the same schedule every week, but according to, that’s not all trucking business owners have on their plates. They need a payroll software solution that can manage even complex tax withholding situations. Look for software that automates the entire payroll tax filing process and sends reports to business owners and their accountants or bookkeepers as needed.

 Scalability to Allow for Company Growth

Even today’s transportation giants started out as small companies. There’s no telling who tomorrow’s trucking industry leaders will be, so it’s important for even small businesses to find payroll processing solutions that can grow with them. Check the pricing to make sure the software vendor doesn’t place unreasonable limitations on its use.

Good Customer Support

These days, even some leading software vendors provide little to no customer support. The assumption is that users will be able to read through the guide that came with the product, seek additional info online, then figure it out from there. This hands-off attitude leads to a lot of frustrating situations. Instead of settling for online forums, look for a software vendor that offers unlimited chat support.

Start the Search for Better Payroll Processing Options

Running a trucking business is hard enough without having to worry about dealing with payroll processing in-house by hand. With Fuel Costs High, Trucker-Focused Fintech AtoB Reaches $800 Million Valuation, which means there are plenty of options out there for trucking companies. No matter how small or large a freight transport business is, it’s always best to have a specialized software solution in place to manage both payroll and tax filing. 

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