Digital Education and Marketing Services by Stefan Simonsson for Businesses To Establish Online Presence for Growth and Safety Against Pandemic-Like Events

December 01 13:42 2022
Stefan Simonsson holds a master’s degree in education. He enables businesses to grow through artificial intelligence, blockchain, and web development technologies. Stefan’s team offers a wide range of services to help companies to earn profits and get a better ROI on their marketing investments.

According to announcements released by Stefan Simonsson, he imparts digital education to businesses that wish to keep up with technological advances and reach out to a wider client base while generating business offline and online from a captive or local clientele. Stefan’s expertise in online marketing and industry 4.0 frees small businesses to use their precious resources for generating more sales and letting automation take care of mundane tasks. It also places a huge amount of data at the disposal of these businesses for use to target customers, advertise better, select products likeliest to sell, and generate relevant content.

The recent pandemic has created opportunities in the digital world that savvy businesses can leverage through Stefan’s expertise. An online presence is a hedge against business shutdowns, such as those that occurred during the pandemic. Small businesses may not know to keep up with the advances in digital technology that can give them an edge over the competition, for example, offering blockchain currency as a payment option. 

Stefan educates clients on having the right systems for their requirements, digital marketing, and strategies for growth. Stefan’s team custom builds websites that best fit a client’s niche and offer visitors the ideal experience that will most likely culminate in a sale. It can plan and run social media campaigns, ensure a business’s online security, etc. 

Stefan’s academic background and work experience give him a rich perspective on how schools can teach better through relevant curriculums structured to meet the needs of the modern student. Stefan works with teachers who wish to imbibe good habits, such as practicing online safety, so that these can be passed on to the students. 

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Stefan Simonsson said, “I started out studying engineering in 1996, and after a couple of years working as a consultant helping companies become more efficient with their energy use changed my career to become a teacher, earning a master’s degree in education. I took some more programming and digital transformation courses focusing on blockchain and web development. 

After that, I took several online classes (due to the pandemic) at MIT, where I studied artificial intelligence and advanced systems and entrepreneurship at Harvard. After more than ten years of teaching math, physics and programming, I decided to return to the technology sector. 

I also became a certified coach and took cyber security, economy, marketing and sales courses. This got me a job as marketing director at Black Lotus, a creative agency that works with big companies in Asia. Examples are Coca-Cola, Nestlè, Airtel and Singer. I also started a company called CyberEd with my brother. The company focuses on educating business owners about Industry 4.0, cyber security and digitalization. A paper I wrote during my studies also got me a chance to start working on a doctorate, and currently, I am writing my thesis on the role AI will have on marketing in the future.”

About Stefan:

Stefan Simonsson works with businesses that recognize the importance of having a digital presence but do not have the skills to establish the same. Stefan enables brick-and-mortar businesses to have a Plan B to buttress an offline presence that can get affected by events such as the recent pandemic.

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