MCBJJ Tequesta Offers Safe and Fun Self-Defense Learning for All Ages and Skill Levels

January 16 17:36 2023

MCBJJ, the premier Black Belt Academy in Tequesta, Florida provides a challenging, fun learning environment for individuals of all ages to develop skills. Whether it’s a child, teen, or adult, the classes at MCBJJ will push students beyond their physical limits, while keeping them coming back for more.

The academy specializes in teaching beginner-level students of all ages. The basics of martial arts are emphasized, with proper use of kicks and punches, as well as effective grappling, being a focus.

The highly skilled and experienced instructors at MCBJJ are excited to help students on their journey to get fit, learn self-defense, and develop Black Belt-level skills for success in life!

“At MCBJJ Tequesta FL, members are not just a member, they’re part of our family,” said Marcelo Cohen, owner and head instructor of MCBJJ Tequesta FL. “We strive to create a welcoming and supportive community where individuals can come together to learn and grow.”

Martial arts is a great way to connect with one’s body, mind, and spirit as students learn how to use their entire body, from the ground up. No matter what size, students will learn locking, leverage, and wrestling techniques to master any opponent, anywhere. They will also unleash their inner giant as they learn powerful striking, practical defense maneuvers, and develop true grit to get through the heart-pumping cardio circuits.

MCBJJ students will become more aware of others and their surroundings, know how to spot sticky situations so they can walk away before things get bad, and also know how to defend themselves, if necessary.

“Our goal is to start our students off on the right foot as beginner students and help them progress through the ranks,” said Marcelo Cohen, owner and head instructor of MCBJJ Tequesta FL. “We want to provide a safe and fun environment for individuals of all ages to learn self-defense and improve their physical fitness.”

The organization works with world-class Black Belt instructors who have over 20 years of experience and are here to guide you on your path from White Belt to Black Belt. Its family environment fosters personal growth, confidence, empowerment, and friendships.

Marcelo Cohen says:

“The lessons learned during your journey can be applied throughout your entire life.”

Come see what they are all about and take advantage of learning from the top instructors in the nation, and have fun while getting fit. The team is eager and cannot wait to train with members (new and old) and celebrate the thrill of victory every time something is accomplished, big or small. 

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