Discover How Mark Firth Is Helping Business Owners Consistently Land B2B Clients Like Clockwork

January 19 19:27 2023

In 2000, a young sales professional named Mark Firth decided to pursue a career in B2B sales. With a degree from Aston University and experience gained by interning at some of the world’s most recognized companies such as IBM™, Siemens™ and Coca Cola™, Mark was confident that he could make an impact in the field.

Unfortunately, for Mark things didn’t quite go as planned. After working long hours and dealing with a lack of clear direction and success, Mark decided to take a break from his career and try to figure out what he wanted to do next.

So in 2010 Mark got on a plane with no real plan in mind, but determined to make something work once he arrived in Colombia.

During this time, Mark not only started a business but also found love as he met Paola one night at a local bar. Not long after their meeting, they discovered they were expecting their first child together; adding even more pressure onto their situation due to the fact that their business was now closed because of visa policies.

However, they received some good news when Mark discovered that he could start a business outside of Colombia which serviced clients abroad; so he went back into B2B Sales and marketing which was familiar to him since starting out at IBM™ back in 2000.

Mark began finding initial success through cold outreach strategies used in 2018; although these soon became harder as people had become more resistant to messages and calls from strangers.

That’s when Mark had an idea: why not move prospects away from social media platforms so they can escape all the noise? And so this is exactly what they did – slowly growing quicker than ever before through virtual events held away from social media sites and technologies like their own platform which improved user engagement even further.

Mark quickly became known for his knowledge within the industry and was even invited to speak at big events held around the world.

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