When One Need Child Care, Find Au Pairs According to Realtimecampaign.com

January 28 12:21 2023
When One Need Child Care, Find Au Pairs According to Realtimecampaign.com

Many families in need of childcare look for a nanny. They recognize there are other options, but lack information about some of these options. For example, parents might not know what an Au Pair is or what this individual does. 

What is an Au Pair? 

An Au Pair is a person between 18 and 30 years of age who would like to live abroad. In exchange for providing childcare for a family, this individual receives a place to live. They live with a native family to get a better understanding of the culture and learn a new language or improve on their existing language skills. Go Au Pair helps families understand the requirements when hiring an Au Pair.

A live-in nanny receives a salary as they would in any other job in the country. In addition, there are no cultural exchange requirements when hiring a nanny, as there are when hiring an Au Pair. An individual can visit America as an Au Pair but would find it difficult to secure a visa to function as a nanny. Read this article source for more information on Au Pairs and their requirements.

Au Pair Requirements

When hiring an Au Pair, the host family must ensure this individual is between the ages of 18 and 30. In addition, the host family must know the maximum hours the Au Pair can work as permitted by law. According to realtimecampaign.com, this differs by country, so this is something the family must verify before entering an agreement. 

When hiring an Au Pair, the host family must ensure the selected individual comes from another country. A person living in America cannot serve as an Au Pair for an American family. They would need to visit another country to serve as an Au Pair. This individual may also be of a different nationality than one or both of the host parents. 

An Au Pair does not receive a salary. Rather, the host family provides this individual with pocket money. The amount varies by the country, but the host family must pay this minimum. It does have the option of providing more pocket money for the Au Pair. 

Au Pairs are given the opportunity to take part in language classes. They become a temporary member of the family. This individual only helps with childcare and light domestic work as it relates to the children. Parents must consider ”Au Pairs: The Pros and Cons of Hiring One For Your Family” when determining if this is the right option for their children.

Nanny Requirements

A nanny can be hired at any age. The family must only ensure this individual is of legal age to work in the city, state, and country. The nanny and family come to an agreement regarding working hours, although both parties need to abide by the host country’s labor laws.

There are no cultural requirements when hiring a nanny, as they aren’t participating in a formal exchange program. The nanny’s salary is minimum wage of the host country or higher. The nanny negotiates this pay. 

Nannies do not take part in language classes, unless they choose to do so. They are an employee and are treated as such. In addition, they may be asked to take on additional duties, such as housekeeping. This is negotiated between the employer and the employee. 

Au Pairs and nannies have some similarities when it comes to their jobs. However, there are also differences. Families must know these similarities and differences to ensure they find the right person for the position they have open. 


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