MTWorld will Collaborate with BNB Toast for the DEFI + Metaverse Platform

February 07 01:12 2023

Toast is DeFi ecosystem and on-chain liquidity provider running on Binance Smart Chain, with features that enable you to trade, earn and build value around the smart chain ecosystem. Toast’s long term vision is to expand to a poly-chain ecosystem.

Toast’s origins began out of necessity after launching an exchange on Ethereum and being impacted by the costly gas fees. Harnessing the DeFi building blocks powering many of the incredible smart chain applications, Toast sought out to create a sustainable ecosystem for people to yield farm, engage in minting and trading NFTs while positioning for cross chain liquidity with anticipated low Ethereum 2.0 fees.

In MTWORLD, you will have your own Avatar NFT, you can buy, synthesize and trade equipment by yourself, and decide your appearance and attributes in various fields of the multiverse, which is one of the important assets. To collaborate with BNB Toast makes Metaverse + Defi become possible.

Users who hold $MTW in MT WORLD can participate in the governance of the platform through our DAO decentralized autonomous organization. Here you can vote on key decisions of the MT WORLD ecosystem and exercise corresponding rights and obligations in the community. The number of days you hold $MTW determines the size of your voting power.

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