The power of joy and purpose in uncertain times according to Dr. Andreea D. Vanacker

February 08 16:54 2023
Wisdom for CEOs and individuals seeking inspiration

Finding joy in adversity can be a challenging task, but it is not impossible. Adversities come in many shapes and sizes, from minor setbacks to major crises, but regardless of the situation, the key to finding joy is to shift our perspective. This is exactly what Dr. Andreea D. Vanacker did after she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that led to a 9-hour brain operation during the pandemic.

The experience has transformed Dr. Vanacker’s life in many ways and she is now sharing her experience on world stages to help others find joy in challenging life situations. Inspired by neuroscience, she developed the Trilogy of Joy model which is focused on three principles that can be easily applied to all life situations. She shared her story and the Trilogy of Joy model in a TEDx talk that can be viewed either on YouTube or on

Since her full recovery, Dr. Vanacker is working with global companies to help their employees find joy and purpose at work. In fact, research shows that nearly seven out of ten employees are reflecting on their purpose after the pandemic. Consequently, more and more CEOs and leaders are seeing that when their employees find their purpose through their work, they will be more resilient, engaged, and productive.

This translates not only in exponential business growth, but it also elevates the joy and potentiality of employees who can now look at their lives with a greater sense of meaning. With the collective anxiety that we are seeing in our societies due to a variety of factors, personal and organizational purpose will matter more than ever. It is during times of uncertainty that we need to rethink our individual and collective aspirations, so we can create a better world for ourselves and humanity. If not now, then when?

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