IPL Treatment Laser Facials at Encore Medical Rejuvenation, Edmonton, AB for Men and Women Provide Smoother Skin

February 13 23:15 2023
For February 2023, Encore Medical Rejuvenation in Edmonton is offering 20% off on IPL laser facials and $50 off on micro channeling. This spa treats conditions such as scarring, ingrown hairs, acne, and rosacea.

According to announcements released by Encore Medical Rejuvenation and Jara Wu & Dr. Sikder, the clinic is offering a 20% discount on its IPL treatment laser facials and $50 off on micro channeling in February 2023.

Laser hair removal or IPL photofacial, as performed at Encore Medical Rejuvenation, uses light to target hair follicles to reduce hair regrowth to a minimum. Often, the treatment can totally stop hair regrowth. This is a straightforward and painless process, and once done, all the subject has to do for the recommended period is to avoid the sun or step into the sun after applying sunscreen. 

Encore Medical Rejuvenation provides facial hair removal for men and women who’d rather not shave or use tweezers, gels, and creams to remove unwanted hair. Customers are administered safe hair removal for the upper lip, chin, or whole face. 

Micro-needling at this clinic stimulates collagen production, reducing stretch marks and acne scarring. The procedure tightens skin causing fine lines and wrinkles to disappear. Micro-needling, which creates micro channels on the skin, is one of the most requested treatments at this clinic. It is popular because it delivers results and takes far less time to heal than chemical peels. 

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The trained and licensed professionals at Encore Medical Rejuvenation use the best quality, sterilized tools for the procedure.

The team of family physicians, nurses, and estheticians at this clinic are trained in procedures including eyelash extensions, microblading, combo brows, machine powder brows, manual powder brows, manual and machine eyeliner, lip micro pigmentation, laser skin rejuvenation, and laser hair removal.

Jara Wu & Dr. Sikder of Encore Medical Rejuvenation said, “Enhance the shape of your face and restore volume, reduce fine lines, and amplify facial features. Treatments can sculpt jawlines, plump thin lips, fill out contours and reduce or even remove shadows under the eyes. We have a nurse and physician come in to do Facial fillers and Botox®/Dysport® injections.

Melasma is a common skin condition causing pigmentations on the face that closely resemble a lightly colored brown birthmark. Common triggers are hormones, heat, sun, and stress. Skin pigmentation affects the color of the skin. Cells in the skin make melanocytes. Melanin production is affected when these cells in the skin are damaged or unhealthy, resulting in changes in the skin’s color. Removing unwanted pigmentation, sunspots, and freckles is possible through various treatment options.

Ingrown hairs are hairs that were once removed and have grown back into the skin. Hairs that have become ingrown can cause small red bumps, inflammation, and cysts. Laser hair removal creates heat within the hair follicles to prevent future growth that leads to ingrown hairs. Acne is caused by hair follicles blocked by oil, bacteria, and dirt. Dark spots, scarring, and pockmarks can be the result of acne. Fortunately, these blemishes can be treated. The factors contributing to acne are hormones, diet, poor hydration, and stress.”

About the Company:

Encore Medical Rejuvenation, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is a team of physicians, nurses, and estheticians who all share the common goal of keeping cosmetic results as natural as possible, following the less is more philosophy. The team has been trained by some of the most respected names in the business.

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