World 1st NFT God Game Apeiron Launches 200K Cross-community Tournament

February 15 20:39 2023

Foonie Magus, developers of the world’s 1st NFT god game Apeiron, has announced its biggest ever cross-community tournament, the Apeiron Guild Wars: Skydream Scramble. The event, co-hosted by, will include leading lights in the web3 gaming space such as The Beacon, Project Godjira, Matr1x FIRE, and Guildfi, among others. The tournament will have an enormous $200k prize pool.

The tournament follows the recent release of Apeiron’s Dungeon Demo, which casts players in the role of the storm god Gale and his gang of cute and chubby Doods as they fight through a dangerous dungeon in the Apeiron “godiverse”. The demo has been a critical success among participating players.

The release of the demo to the public also marks the coming of Apeiron’s latest Guild Wars: the Skydream Scramble, to be held over the course of February and March 2023. This massive event will bring together web3 gaming communities for an opportunity to win rewards of up to $20,000 now and potentially a shot at Apeiron’s $200,000 tournament in May.

“Collaboration and partnership in the space is the foundation of web3 gaming,” Cheng elaborates. “This event paves the way for deeper and more meaningful cooperation which will ultimately realize the dream of the metaverse.”

The Skydream Scramble will be Apeiron’s biggest ever gameplay tournament. Notable partners include gaming guild giants such as Guildfi, Avocado, YGG SEA, and Snackclub. Joining alongside the guilds are Alpha NFT communities like Project Godira, Surgence, Habibz, and Zooverse. Additionally, key gaming platforms Polkastarter and will both be participating in the Skydream Scramble, with the latter co-hosting the tournament alongside Apeiron developers Foonie Magus.

Foonie Magus will also be partnering with a number of other notable web3 game projects. “We wanted to make sure we chose the right partners,” Cheng explains. “The Beacon, E4C, Matr1x FIRE, Degenheim, 3VERSE, and Shrapnel each have fun and innovative designs unique to blockchain.” 

When asked about joining the Skydream Scramble, The Beacon core team member Jose said: “At The Beacon, we embrace the idea of unity in the web3 gaming space, working towards a shared objective of reaching genuine gamers and sharing our communities. We’re proud to be a part of this event!”

Interested game communities and orgs that would like to participate in the Skydream Scramble may contact Foonie Magus representatives through the official Apeiron Discord community for more information and to register. Once registered, any participants may play the demo for free.

About Apeiron

Apeiron is the world’s first NFT-based play-and-earn roguelike x godgame. Apeiron will feature a unique card-based action-adventure combat system combined with god game simulation gameplay inspired by classic god games like Populous and Black & White. Players will be able to build up planets from above before descending down into dangerous dungeons as a powerful Avatar to solve the mysteries of the universe. Players will grow their planet to the point of developmental stagnation, then reset the planetary cycle via an Armageddon event to allow for even more advancement and thrilling late-game alliance level GvE and GvG activities. Apeiron will use a tri-token architecture – a governance token, a play-to-earn token, and a premium alliance token – to balance their ecosystem and drive long-term sustainable growth.

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