Discover the Quirky Cruel World of Inner-City Public Schooling from the Eyes of a First-Grade Teacher

February 15 21:04 2023
Discover the Quirky Cruel World of Inner-City Public Schooling from the Eyes of a First-Grade Teacher

South Florida – Author Lisa Grahm, a former first grade teacher, steps into the self-publishing world with her riveting memoir, The Wheels on the Bus are Square available on AmazonRanked on the top 10 list in School Violence and Safety category on Amazon, her book delivers exceptional social commentary through real-life first grade school stories.

The Wheels on the Bus are Square is a recollection of events of a teacher who cares about her amazing students and endorses their individuality. The memoir is packed with unusual yet humorous occurrences, involving an egg-laying chicken, resident cockroaches, six-year-old childhood loose teeth, bathroom emergencies, attempted suicide, and even a boiler explosion. In her book, Grahm offers insights into the real world of inner-city public school teaching, and the threat posed by school administration’s incompetence.

Marked as an essential read for generating enriched discussions on student psychology, school administration and pedagogy, the author insists this book is worthy of becoming a critical part of college and university curricula. At times fun, at other times pensive, this book is bound to open the reader’s eyes when it’s not tickling their belly.

In her book, Lisa shows the significant role of poverty, amongst other ails, in the lives of six-to-seven-year-olds studying in a public school. A quote from the book goes:

“‘Combat Pay,’ she called it: the salary earned by inner-city teachers. No one could pay her enough to do what she did everyday. She considered it the most difficult and the most important job of her life.”

Living in South Florida with her husband, Lisa Grahm is a retired teacher with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Urban Education. She enjoys penning about her real-life events. Lisa is presently working on her second book, Family Matters. Her first book can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.  

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