Umai Clothing Brings Exquisite Streetwear Products to Fans of Anime & Japanese Culture Worldwide

February 27 18:21 2023
Umai Clothing is an artist-owned clothing brand on a mission to bring the best quality Japense-themed streetwear hoodies, shirts, posters, accessories, and a variety of other fashion products.

Japanese anime and manga became immensely popular in recent years, and the fashion world was among the first to embrace them.  

To ensure that all people who adore Japanese anime and its culture as a whole have access to the finest anime-inspired clothes, Umai Clothing was founded. This young but rapidly growing artist-owned brand set out to raise the bar of quality. 

The spokesperson of Umai Clothing imparted that the inspiration behind the brand stems from the need for quality-made, artistically-driven anime clothing, and accessories. The current market offers a variety of anime-themed items but only a handful of them are both designed and created by the artists themselves. Founded in 2019 by an artist thoroughly enamored and immersed in the beautiful Japanese culture, Umai Clothing is on a mission to raise the bar of quality in the anime fashion space with top-of-the-line products and unbeatable customer service:

“Umai, meaning “wonderful” or “good”, has the goal to make people feel good through creating the best anime clothing possible. Whether you are wearing a piece of our specialty anime apparel or using some anime accessories, we hope you find as much joy wearing or using it as we did creating it,” the company’s spokesperson said.

From premium quality hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts to crewneck sweatshirts and sweatpants, the range of exquisite clothing products Umai offers is as fashionable as it is eclectic. 

A broad spectrum of original designs, such as Murasaki, Sukeban, Prism, Brain Fog, Ongaku, and Hideout are gracing Umai’s online store. Pre-shrunk and manufactured from the highest-quality ring-spun cotton, these shirts are as comfortable as they are durable. 

What separates Umai Clothing from contemporary Japanese-inspired streetwear brands is a host of exclusive products coming to the store weekly and monthly. Some of the most flamboyant designs in the industry are available for a limited time, enabling anime fans to buy, own, and wear the rarest Umai works. 

Umai Clothing also offers a premium subscription-based service called Umai+. This service grants access to exclusive deals, major discounts on all products, lifetime returns, and most importantly, an opportunity to purchase any past exclusives. 

In addition to offering the best anime T-shirts and hoodies in the current market, Umai’s catalog also includes a host of Japanese-themed stickers, iPhone cases, Samsung cases, posters, notebooks, mugs, blankets, and many other high-quality accessories. 

As conveyed by Umai’s spokesperson, the brand came to disrupt the market and is committed to ensuring all people who love anime, manga, and streetwear products can quickly upgrade their wardrobes with highly affordable products. 

More information about Umai Clothing is available on the company’s official website. 

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