The Creed Griffon Series is a Great Fantasy Story both Young and Old will Enjoy

July 10 06:36 2019
Fantasy lovers will surely enjoy the Creed Griffon series written by C.L. Lewis. It is a story about a boy who is thrust into a world he feels like he doesn’t belong. The themes are about adventures, friendship, and chasing a dream.

For many decades and even centuries, the appeal of fantasy novels and fairy tales have resounded strong and loud in the hearts of many literature lovers. They bring out the dreamer in most people, imagining a world where their wildest imagination could flourish and thrive, of adventures and misadventures into exotic and far-flung places both real and fiction. It is for this reason that fantasy novels are always guaranteed to fly off shelves the moment they are released to the public. One such tale is of a young man named Creed Griffon, the main protagonist in the series of the same name. Written by C.L. Lewis, its author was inspired by countless fantasy novels that precede her work. The series tackles themes of adventures, friendship, loyalty, and the importance of family, among other things.

The series is centered on the character of Creed Griffon, a poor boy who had the great fortune (or misfortune) of being admitted into a prestigious boarding school where he is considered to be an outcast because of his social status. His mother works at the school as a counselor and the reason for Creed’s acceptance into the institution. Creed desperately wants to get away from all the things around him. He hates his classmates and how they treat him for being poor but, try as he may; he has no other option but to bid his time until he completes his education. It is only when a schoolmate mysteriously disappeared that Creed was forced to embark on an adventure whose outcome he is not entirely sure of. In this journey, he meets a whole host of colorful characters some of which he is not quite sure what their intentions are. Creed learns of friendship, loyalty, and the overwhelming desire to follow his heart despite all obstacles.

The Creed Griffon series, already on its third installment, ultimately is a story about coming of age, of realizing your place in the world, and in pursuing a dream regardless of the lack of support. It is about valuing the friends you have and those that you make along the way. It is a story that resonates to a lot of people because, in essence, they see a lot of themselves in the character of Creed Griffon.

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