PAQCase Revolutionizes Childproof Packaging

July 11 01:06 2019

In a bid to improve the smoking experience for the hand-rolled smoker, PAQCase has designed a premium childproof packaging. Dubbed JPAQ, the packaging is durable, water-resistant, child-proof, gasket-sealed, and innovative. The mission of the company is to change the way smokers carry their products around. The vessel is sleek and tiny in the right proportions, offering a practical solution for a hand-rolled smoker.

No doubt, smokers are already making their orders for JPAQ. It makes transportation and storage of the cannabis flower so much easier. Unlike the previous packaging tubes which were limited in terms of storage space, design considerations, and visual appeal, JPAQ is a premium pre-roll. JPAQ combines safety, convenience, and class in one sleek vessel.

What sets JPAQ apart?

The design of the JPAQ is in itself groundbreaking. Hand-rolled smokers are used to pre-roll tubes for storing their pot or transporting them from one place to another. According to PAQCase, it was time to bring in something that offers more convenience while still maintaining safety and functionality.

“We sat down and thought over what cannabis packaging needs to stay beautiful and compliant. Together with top product developers and industrial designers in the country, we identified a stunning and safe pre-roll packaging. Our packages are not limited to strange boxes, re-purposed candle jars, or boring pharmaceutical containers. The JPAQ is not only attractive but safe and effective, and safe,” says the PAQCase’s Chief Executive Officer.

The JPAQ is aimed at displaying cannabis strains in a neat way. It gives consumers a chance at storing their stuff in a slide-out sheath. One vessel holds as many as 6 rolls as one go and opens in a sleek manner. It comes in various designs and colors. The top of the package is where the information of the content is printed. This is the place where custom artwork of the packaging takes place. Companies can place their logos, pictures, and other design elements to enhance the aesthetics of their packages.

What about Safety?

PAQCase is committed to keeping their products safe from everyone, especially kids. The unique JPAQ follows the ASTM requirements for child-resistant packaging to the letter. Although the packaging looks easy to gain access into, no kid under five would be able to open it. It has an air-tight gasket seal that houses the chambers used to store pot rolls.

The company promises that only adults have an easy time getting to the contents of the JPAQ. As expected, the vessel has gone through all the necessary checks in government facilities to ascertain its safety. Customers can carry their JPAQs around without stressing over the possibility of children opening them. This is not forgetting the fact that it is 100% recyclable and this eco-friendly.

About PAQCase

Based, in Denver, Colorado, PAQCase is a company that offers packaging solutions and accessories for smokers. They have partnered with a number of companies to engineer the best solutions aimed at improving the smoking experience for smokers.  

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