Why Point of Sales Systems Are Key to Businesses Safely Reopening

August 06 07:45 2020
Why Point of Sales Systems Are Key to Businesses Safely Reopening
As the U.S. phases in and out of reopening, here is how retailers and hospitality can reopen safely

Minneapolis, MN – Currently, the country is split between states reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic and those that are reversing course. This map from the New York Times illustrates just how unpredictable the opening and closing of states can be. States that locked down early in March — like California — are now needing to turn the dial back on reopening due to an influx in cases in recent weeks. In contrast, NYC is just in the early phases of reopening.

While lockdown measures ultimately help keep the public safer, they have been detrimental to brick and mortar retails and restaurants. According to Yelp, 35% of shopping and retail stores that were open on March 1st have now permanently closed. For restaurants, that percentage is a staggering 53%. 

With the need for businesses to stay open in order to prevent permanent closures of local restaurants and retailers, both big and small, states need to figure out a way to reopen as safely as possible and avoid re-imposing lockdown sanctions. In addition to enforcing a lower limit on the number of customers and requiring masks, customer-facing businesses need to also invest in solutions that limit the spread of viruses and bacteria when customers checkout. 

“It’s a cliche to say we live in a new world, but it’s true,” says Joe Mach, President of ENS Group. ENS is a manufacturer of POS mounting solutions and now offers revolutionary solutions that utilize UV technology that kills germs and viruses on devices so customers can safely make purchases.

“To get through this coronavirus pandemic safely, everyone needs to be looking for new, outside-of-the-box solutions that allow businesses to stay open without compromising employees or customers’ health,” continues Mach. “Making sure that we limit contact between individuals inside stores and restaurants, as well as kill germs at POS terminals, is a key part in doing so.”

POS systems that utilize UV light technology for eradication virus and bacteria at payment are just one of several solutions available by ENS to help businesses reopen safely. Other offerings include UV technologies attached to touchscreens that eradicate 99.9% of harmful pathogens at all customer touchpoints, extension arms attached to payment terminals for social distancing and drive-thru payments, self-checkout options, handheld mobile solutions that pair computing and payment to allow for customer service and checkout throughout the store, mobile carts with safety partitions to safely social distance at checkout, temperature mounts at the door to ensure employees and customers coming in are healthy.

“These are all solutions that are becoming more commonplace due to COVID-19,” says Mach. “But the pandemic has changed the way everyone thinks about safety so these technologies will be here to stay as businesses continue to invest in keeping their employees, customers, and communities safe from here on out.”

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