A Flashback like Never before with Harry Sandhu

August 06 03:50 2020

Music is what binds all the people over the world together. Each culture has developed its style of music that celebrates who they are, individually. Music is a form of expression. You don’t need to understand the lyrics to appreciate a song. Its beauty transcends language barriers and roots itself deep into our hearts. We comprehend music not with our minds but with our souls, and that is the beauty of music. The comprehension with the soul is exactly the kind of beauty and magnificence that well-known singer and music producer, Harry Sandhu brings into his work.


Harry Sandhu belongs to a small village of Punjab called Manuke in Ludhiana district. Hailing from Ludhiana, Punjab, this artist has made it big worldwide. Music is almost second nature to him. After all, he is from Punjab, India. Harry Sandhu loved music for as long as he can remember. His musical talents budded under the tutelage of excellent and highly talented artists like Rajinder Singh Raj and Mahesh Malwani. His family and friends have always been very supportive of his musical pursuits, and this support is what made him as famous as he is today. He thrives as a singer, a music director and as a producer as well. 

His talent knows no bounds. Harry Sandhu has directed and sang in several albums across the years. His first album titled Goriye came out in 2004. Following this, two other albums came out in 2005 called Jashan and Sher Khalsa. His next album after this one was Sohna Mukda which released in 2007 with both Harry Sandhu and Miss Pooja as the singers. Harry Sandhu released two more albums after that in 2009 and 2011 titled Bulb 2 and Yara di Balle Balle respectively. He has two records under his names such as Bhangra Records located in India and Beat Plus Studios (worldwide label) located abroad.

New Track

Harry Sandhu’s latest Punjabi track, released this year has the title “Flashback”. Flashback is an emotional song that portrays pain, infidelity and regret related to it. It is sure to strike a chord with anyone listening to it. The emotions are raw and untainted; it is a must-listen. He brings novelty and modernity to Punjabi music with a beautiful blend of eastern and western elements. You can listen to this heartfelt track on YouTube.

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