ASMR 100 Triggers In 1 Minute Can Help Users Relax and Fall Asleep

January 22 18:21 2021
A new YouTube video offers specific sounds that help viewers to relax and fall asleep more quickly. The triggers presented in the video include a variety of sounds to appeal to different viewers.

Cristina of Quiet Sleep ASMR has released a new video on her YouTube channel, which provides tips for relaxation using autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). The YouTube presentation is an overview of the topic, showing ASMR 100 triggers In 1 minute. The collection of sounds is designed to help viewers relax and fall asleep quickly, a welcome tool for anyone who has insomnia. Since 2010, when the term ASMR was coined, the tool has been used as a relaxing, often sedative sensation, which is also known as a brain massage.

The ‘tingle’ sensation brought about by ASMR is triggered by quiet sounds and sights, including crackles, accents, and whispers. Some individuals prefer sounds from the mouth, others prefer sounds made by the hands, such as tapping, scratching, or other sounds. The video created by Cristina showcases multiple triggers over a sixty-second-time frame.

Since the video lasts just a few seconds, it is suitable for three types of people: those looking for sounds that cause the stated reaction; those who like short videos on the topic; and those looking for fast triggers to place on a video loop. Many videomakers have created ASMR posts of various sounds, from whispering to sci-fi role-plays, scary voices, and time travel. Though YouTube is most often linked to visual content, sound-oriented videos are now being accessed by millions of users.

The use of these niche videos is being expanded to include brands or other purposes. Video viewing is growing in popularity across many different categories. Utilizing videos of sounds to help with relaxation or the ability to fall asleep is one use of the category. There are enough examples of the various sound categories that most interested viewers will be able to find an ASMR video that resonates with them personally.

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