I AM BlissfullyME unveils the secret to majestic beauty by offering pure and natural skin and hair care products

February 23 01:27 2021
I AM BlissfullyME is a beauty brand that distinguishes itself by using natural products for body and hair. Established in 2020, the brand inspires many by going hundred percent chemical-free. Certainly, one cannot belittle the significance of the largest body organ- the skin. Skin needs timely nourishment, and nothing can nourish it better than natural ingredients. To nourish & pamper the skin, check out I AM BlissfullyME’s website to discover some nutritionally rich hair and skin products.

Woodstock, GA, United States – I AM BlissfullyME is a beauty brand that has redefined the formula for beauty. Breaking free from the cliche chemical beauty products, this brand empowers all the individuals out there by offering to thrive their beauty naturally. It’s about time to break free from the obnoxious chemicals wrapped in a glittery jar only to do more damage than good to one’s skin and hair. Nature breeds nature, it is that simple. This simple formula is very well showcased by I AM BlissfullyME as they offer hundred percent chemical-free hair and skin care solutions.

The idea of going totally chemical free came from the owner of I AM BlissfullyME as she lost her husband who was fighting cancer. The loss of her husband when she was at the meager age of 38, intrigued her to question herself about her passion. She discovered that her passion was all about thriving naturally while simultaneously improving her daughter’s life. Thus, I AM BlissfullyME became synonymous to I Am Blissfully Madison Ellerbe, Madison being the owner’s daughter.

As inspiring as the brand’s conception, the product range of I AM BlissfullyME is equally inspiring. The term ‘I AM”, attached to the product collection, is an intentional move to offer strong affirmation to their customer family. Broadly, the brand offers three collections namely: Royal Wellness Collection, I AM Collection and the newly launched ME Collection. The Royal Wellness Collection includes the Treasure Yoni Steams, Yoni Tea and Sea Moss Gel.

I AM BlissfullyME has also depicted a broader meaning of wellness in terms of its I AM Collection. Wellness isn’t just concentrated on the food we eat; it is much more than that. It includes a plethora of things including lifestyle, food, mental wellbeing, physical wellness, etc.  As skin remains the largest body organ with a lot of exposure to the external environment, it needs routine care and nourishment. Body scrubs, in this regard, play a vital role as they exfoliate and nourish the skin quite effectively. I AM BlissfullyME has inspired the audience by launching its purely natural body scrub range in the I AM Collection. The I AM Joyful – Sugar Scrub, and I AM Sunshine Face Scrub offer great skin exfoliation with magical results. Further, to keep the skin radiant and moisturized, they also offer some great Body Butter variants namely I AM Joyful Body Butter and Feeling Good Body Butter.

As many out there would agree, a bad hair day is an extreme disappointment. Hence, it is imperative to invest right and prudently on Hair Care. Hair Care is extremely important owing to the numerous styling utensils used on the hair so often. The strong chemicals used in the shampoos, oils, conditioners and other hair care products worsen the hair quality thereby leaving the hair to become too brittle. To overcome these challenges, the I AM collection for Hair offers natural hair care solutions with proven efficiency like I AM Growing – Hair Oil, and I AM Moisture – Leave In Hydrating Spray.

I AM BlissfullyME’s most awaited ME Collection has just been launched. This Spring and Summer Collection for 2021 has been inspired by Madison and is expected to deliver great results for its customers. For all the customer’s who are curious to know about their next range launch, here is the curtain raiser. I AM BlissfullyME is soon going to roll out a men’s care line called He’s Essential to honor the owner’s deceased husband.

Here’s what the owner of I AM BlissfullyME has to say: “I always love DIY Products as a teenager… I make clean and natural products for hair and body. Our mission is to also give back to widow’s with small children by starting our 501C3 Still Daddy’s Girl Outreach. I grow my own herbs or only source them from St. Lucia and I’m also studying to be become an Herblist this summer in St. Lucia.”

With the naturally enriching product range of I AM BlissfullyME it is about time to trash the products full of chemicals and thrive beauty naturally.

About the Company:

I AM BlissfullyME is a beauty startup that provides natural, herbal skin and hair care solutions to inspire and empower all those who want to live joyfully tomorrow.

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