Meet Blue Ocean Capital LLC at the Best Ever Conference 2021

February 23 01:39 2021
Blue Ocean Capital makes Apartment Investing Simplified for busy professionals.

Busy professionals are looking for approaches to diversify their income to create a lifestyle of their dreams. Many look for options other than trading stocks and its derivatives. Real estate serves as the perfect match to diversify and minimize risk. Real estate is tangible, proven, and worth the effort. That is the reason people put resources into single-family rentals, eventually turn to apartments. This is an extraordinary decision. However, stuck in their busy work schedules and hectic life, professionals find it hard to discover the right investment opportunity for themselves. Realizing and acknowledging this dilemma, Blue Ocean Capital thrives on making apartment investment easy, like a breeze for busy-bee professionals.

With its passive income investing for busy professionals like doctors and front liners, Blue Ocean Capital empowers its patrons to earn 10-15% return per annum. “Our vision behind this is to allow busy professionals to diversify their income without fretting about subtleties. Professionals can carry on with their careers while they have ownership of the apartment. The pros at Blue Ocean Capital manage their apartment, creating ease. Professionals then receive their distributions from the cash flow of the apartment on a quarterly basis,” says Chander Mishra, Founder of Blue Ocean Capital. With over a decade of expertise in real estate investing, Chander is an active member of Forbes Real Estate Council and CCIM.

Chander reveals that few advantages of investing in real estate incorporate having recurring rental pay from every unit until the investor chooses to sell. Also, owners can discover creative revenue sources by adding more amenities and facilities, for example, additional parking spots, Wi-Fi, laundry.

“Managing a property with different units likewise guarantees against the danger of absolute vacancy. In the case of a single-family property, the proprietor should bear the loss of vacant property until it is rented. With regards to apartments, on the off chance that one unit is vacated, the investors avoid loss of 100% of the rent as long as other units are filled,” says Chander Mishra.

Blue Ocean Capital LLC is dedicated to building communities and wealth by investing in value-added Class B and C apartments in Texas. The passive investment opportunities that were once only available to the rich community are now accessible to a hard-working professional with Blue Ocean Capital. Your investment helps improve and build apartment communities creating a bigger social impact.

Many physicians and busy professionals met and listened to their talk “Secrets to Supercharge Your Passive Income” at Blue Ocean Capital at Virtual Best Ever Conference 2021, scheduled February 18-20, to relish the life they have been dreaming about. Best Ever Conference is the solitary national real estate investing conference with speakers and content laser-focus on our audience’s curated needs and interests.

Blue Ocean Capital LLC is making Apartment Investing Simplified!!

About the Company:

Blue Ocean Capital is a Texas-based company focused on creating apartment investment opportunities for busy professionals. The company promotes investment in real estate and apartments to create a passive income stream.  Disclaimer: All offerings are brought to investors in compliance with SEC rules through PPM and offering documents, this is not a solicitation. This is for information only.

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