5kin Studios – The Best And Most Experienced Tattoo Artists In Korea

February 23 01:42 2021
5kin Studio is a tattoo shop in Korea with the most experienced tattoo artists and is famous for working with Korean and American celebrities.

Seoul, Korea – 5kin Studio is a tattoo shop in Korea that commits to dealing with skin with Pride and responsibility. It is considered to be the best tattoo studio in Korea that has worked with famous American and Korean celebrities like Jeri Lee, Chuva, BTS RM, BTS Suga, BTS Jimin, Bumzu Gye, Hong-gi Lee, Dong-Seok Ma, Chul-soon Hwang, and Ye-Seong Do.

DX2, the owner of the 5kin tattoo, found out about his passion for this exceptional yet difficult art at the age of 21 when he saw a tattoo on his friend’s arm. DX2 tattooed his passion for tattooing on the back of his own hand, which later led to difficulty in finding jobs in any other profession. He got rejected from every job because of the tattoo on the back of his hand.

DX2 first encountered Henna while he was in Thailand, he immediately quit his job and went out to pursue his passion as a tattoo artist. After returning to Korea, he made his debut as a tattoo artist in 2007. He remained persistent despite all the struggles he had to face.

It has been over ten years, and DX2 has made over a thousand tattoos in his lifetime. His tattoo styles are very unique and mystical. There is just one rule that he follows while making tattoos, and that is his individual hygiene while making tattoos. He believes that hygiene is the key to a perfect tattoo and the rest gets better on its own.

DX2 specializes in high-quality realism, mainly in the black and gray genre. He is working on various subjects such as color, cover-up, portrait, and Chicano. Other than DX2 there are other tattoo artists like SED, who have specialized in the new school and neotraditional work. He mainly works on animation and cartoon characters. Bahn who is specialized in IREZUMI is working on delicate work. His works give a strong impression with contrasts of light and dark.

5kin starts working on the tattoo after working with the client and always thinks about how they can make the process less painful for the customers. For DX2, tattoos represent a relationship with their customers.

Tattoo culture is considered taboo in Korea, which is why it is very hyped up. People indeed tend to get attracted to things that are forbidden. Regardless of the struggles and the cultural stereotype, 5kin tattoos try to provide their customers with the best service possible.

The company honors itself on surpassing business standards in quality, cleanliness, safety, service, price, and overall excellence. 5kin studio has the latest and widest selection of tattoo designs. The company has skilled and creative artists who are also capable of creating custom designs on customer requests.

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