Discusses How Cyber Security Tools Help Keep Networks Safe

April 28 09:12 2021 Discusses How Cyber Security Tools Help Keep Networks Safe

No modern business is immune to data breaches and other cybercrimes. From small startups to giant multinational corporations, hackers aren’t picky. If they see a vulnerability, they will try to exploit it. The good news is, network and data security experts are committed to keeping one step ahead of cybercriminals, and they offer plenty of tools to help clients do the same.

Why Is Network Security So Important?

Before delving into particular solutions, let’s take a look at why network security is such a hot topic. In 2020 alone, there were more than 1,000 serious data breaches that left more than 155 million Americans’ data exposed. The majority of these breaches were caused by inadequate data and network security.

Data breaches hurt companies as much as they do their customers or clients. A serious breach will bring all kinds of bad publicity, and according to, that can mean failure for small and mid-sized businesses, especially. Business owners can continue reading this article to find out what to do.

Threat Identification

Creating an effective cybersecurity plan requires understanding the threats posed to the business and its unique vulnerabilities. That’s why experts like those at Viavi Solutions always begin by conducting a comprehensive threat assessment. Threat identification isn’t a one-off activity. Assessments should be conducted frequently as part of a comprehensive network security management plan.

Identifying Anomalous Activities

To get access to sensitive data, hackers need to spend some time in the company’s network. If cybersecurity professionals can identify anomalous activity that might indicate an intrusion quickly, they can often prevent data breaches before they happen. Identifying anomalous activity requires checking current network traffic against past behavior to look for aberrations. Cybersecurity experts do this by creating and maintaining real-time traffic profiles and monitoring them for potentially worrying changes.

Real-Time Network Monitoring

It may be tempting for business owners to assume that if they have robust anti-virus software and firewalls in place, they don’t need an outside cybersecurity consultant. Unfortunately, these systems are no longer enough to protect companies from today’s hackers. Constant network monitoring is the only way to ensure that the security tools currently in place are doing their jobs. It allows cybersecurity teams to detect anomalous behavior that could indicate an intrusion in real-time instead of waiting until the damage has already been done.

Standardized Network Security

Franchises operating under the same brand don’t always have equally robust security procedures in place. Now, with Experts to explore benefits of standardizing network security across the brand, that’s finally starting to change. Standardizing network security ensures that the brand’s reputation will be protected even if individual franchise owners aren’t doing their due diligence.

Network and data security are more important now than ever. Cybercriminals are smart, and they’re only getting smarter. They don’t always attack high-profile targets. Small business and franchise owners are just as vulnerable. There’s no way to reduce a company’s risk to zero, but hiring a specialist to monitor networks and implement effective cybersecurity procedures is the best way to protect sensitive data and the company’s reputation.

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