Close Protection Corps Launches Self Protection Book Exclusive Training Program for Private Citizens

April 28 13:57 2021
Close Protection Corps Launches Self Protection Book Exclusive Training Program for Private Citizens

April 27, 2021 – Close Protection Corps is looking to equip private citizens with crucial self-protection skills by leveraging well curated books, systems, and training programs.  One of those books is, “Protection for And from Humanity”. The book presents readers with effective approaches to self-protection, fear management and situational awareness. It also offers readers an elementary understanding of the processes used by military and law enforcement special operations teams to protect VIPs, executives, NGOs, and celebrities. The organization started “PHASE LINE X”, a training program for private US citizens, last year.

“Protection for And from Humanity” maps out various methods for private citizens who want to safeguard their business, their family, or themselves. The publication is available in a 5×7 paperback format and comprises 216 pages. The book assists the reader by offering different ways of evaluating security situations.

“We train people in refined, common-sense systems that work in many realms of life. We offer ten protection-focused training blocks, including an FTX. Group classes are limited to 10 students per class to ensure everyone receives high attention. Individual private training sessions are available on a limited basis”, says a spokesperson for Close Protection Corps.

The “PHASE LINE X” is split into five teaching and practical modules. They are: 1) intro to protection (classroom) + protection & movement (practical application), 2) foreign travel (classroom) + stress inoculation (practical application), 3) assessments & site advances (classroom) + a prac (practical application), 4) event operations (classroom) + analysis & hardening (practical application) and 5) the final training exercise (FTX).

Todd Fox is the Founder and Managing Director of the Close Protection Corps. The company became known for several successful operations in challenging environments such as Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Turkey and Russia. Some of the top clients they have worked with in the past include Madonna, Janet Jackson, Supreme Court Justices and UN Officials.

Todd continues to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. He is the author of three books on defensive service operations, and as a protective security subject expert (SME), he has published several articles on the topic. Mr. Fox acts as the Operations Manager for a charity founded by his mentor called the Fisherman’s Fellowship Foundation (F3).

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