SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier Expanded Its High-Quality Epoxy Resin Service to the US

May 06 14:12 2021
SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier Expanded Its High-Quality Epoxy Resin Service to the US

Lima, OH – Individuals across the United States of America now enjoy the versatility that comes with using resin thanks to SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier. SquidPoxy is a leading manufacturer and a fast-growing company that specializes in crystal clear casting and art epoxy resins.

SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier provides high-quality resin for its clients in different industries that include woodworkers, artists, applicators, and more. The company also supplies resin for DIY enthusiasts, those who are curious about innovation, or those who are looking for new hobbies that involve resin. Not only does the company provide crystal clear resins, but also high-quality raw materials for all kinds of projects. 

SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier started its operations in Canada when the pioneers saw a need to supply quality resins. The material and a devoted team of professionals saw the company grow and expand to different regions of Canada. SquidPoxy has now made it to the US and has launched a new website aimed at fulfilling the resin needs of the residents of Ohio and all of the United States of America.

The site comes complete with a simple user interface that has a seamless flow of information. It introduces the company, highlights the products, and has a resource center complete with FAQs and a calculator. The SquidPoxy site represents a wide range of services that include epoxy resins which have squid clear fast, squid cast epoxy casting resin, squid art epoxy resin, squid seal table, and bar top epoxy resin, squid boat, and squid craft.

The SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier site also contains powder pigment epoxy resin that acts like dyes involving Mica Powder Pigment and Color Pigment Collection. The company also offers finishing products guaranteed to leave surfaces or projects shiny and attractive to look at. The squid butter they offer is unscented, soft, and food safe usable for all surfaces. 

Not only does the site have resin supply, but also accessories that are meant to make working with resins easier that include mixing cups, stir sticks, and a mixer. With provisions for reusable forms and squid bundles, visitors on the site will have all the equipment they need to start any project that requires resin. Additionally, the SquidPoxy site provides apparel such as caps and t-shirts that visitors on the site can purchase. 

With the understanding that all types of resin need accurate measurements to produce accurate and perfect results, the SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier site comes with a calculator. This way resin users can find out how much epoxy resin they need for projects in terms of length, depth, and width. 

After shopping for their needs, visitors of the site can pay for their purchases using a variety of methods both online such as PayPal, or using debit/credit cards. 

To learn more about SquidPoxy USA Epoxy Resin Supplier call 1-833-638-1274 or visit the resin service provider’s website for more information. The company is located at 1040 Findlay Rd, Lima, Ohio, 45801, US. 

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