Colin Darke, The Ambidextrous Artist, Launches Campaign To Support STEAM Education

May 06 14:54 2021
Colin “The Ambidextrous Artist” Darke launches a redesigned site and store with new products including eBooks and art supplies to benefit Detroit’s Art & Scraps organization.

DETROIT, MI – Viral ambidextrous artist Colin Darke uses his newfound fame to help Detroit non-profit Arts & Scraps. Over the past couple of years, Colin has seen interest in his work skyrocket as he has been posting videos of his drawing techniques — focused on using both of his hands with equal skill to create beautiful and intricate drawings.  

He’s gone from a couple of hundred followers to over 700,000 followers, over 100 Million video views, and over 11 Million likes (across his TikTok and Instagram accounts @colondarke).  His work has even caught the attention of celebrities like P!nk, Shakira, Andy Grammer, and more. To do “good” with the attention his drawings can garner, Colin redesigned his site and store (, and the overall focus of his growing platform is to raise money for local art or STEAM programs, starting with Detroit non-profit Arts & Scraps. 

Arts & Scraps works to provide science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) education for children in the Detroit area. Starting May 7, 2021, through June 30, 2021, Colin will donate 50% to 100% to Arts & Scraps (and if people donate $5 or more directly to Arts & Scraps, Colin will send them his beautifully illustrated retelling of Aesop fables eBook). 

Colin Darke is a world-renowned ambidextrous artist, possessing the one in billion talent of drawing with both hands at the same time and creating exquisite drawings and watercolors. He is also a polymath and has pursued a successful career as a lawyer, scholar, fintech executive, leadership coach, and writer, alongside his artistic practice. He is passionate about using his art to uplift artists in the Detroit area and donates 50-100% of his profits to local organizations.

“I’ve loved drawing since I was five years old,” says Darke. “My goal with my art has always been to provide joy and wonderment to others, and I’ve always felt a desire to help other artists and to help non-profit organizations that are doing good. Arts & Scraps is doing the work to enrich our communities, so I want to use my platform and my work to help them continue to have such a positive impact.”

Darke has been drawing every day since 2005, but he realized that he could reach a wider audience in late 2019 when he started documenting his art and his process with short videos. In 2020 he created over 1,000 unique pieces of art. He continues to follow his passion for art and creativity, connecting with his community online, and offering new and exciting original art, art prints, clothing, and eBooks.

Darke shares his art on his Instagram and TikTok @colindarke, as well as on his website. To find out more, and buy his products visit

Arts & Scraps is a Detroit nonprofit that reimagines recycled industrial materials, inspiring people of all ages to think, create, and learn. Its focus is helping children who live in low-income areas, providing hands-on learning and creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) programs at their Detroit facility. They recycle 28 tons of materials each year, serving 275,000 children by assisting 3,300 community organizations and classrooms.

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Reporters can go to Colin’s WeTransfer board for pictures and videos of Colin creating his ambidextrous art — there are also images of his posts 

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