Athletes Transitioning From One Sport to Another

October 07 12:28 2021

Regardless of whether an athlete competes at a recreational or elite level, they will potentially face a wide range of ‘transitions’ as they progress through their sporting career. A ‘transition’ represents a period of change for an athlete which results in a new set of demands for them to manage, for example, at entry into sport, on changing competitive levels, and at retirement.

Transitioning to a new sport can be challenging for athletes but their success leans toward their existing skills and love for the game. When an athlete transitions into a new sport it can be one of the best lifestyle decisions they ever make. Switching to a new sport can be extremely healthy both physically and mentally, and expanding into new disciplines creates a more diverse and often superior athlete. Realistically, one sport can’t fit an athlete for their entire life.

As an athlete, it’s important to focus on developing your primary sport skills by breaking them into smaller chunks so you won’t get discouraged. Also, it’s important to focus on developing your general capabilities along with the strength development necessary for the sport. Start with simplicity and lead up to the complicated training sessions. A pyramid is not built with a smaller base than the succeeding layers and neither is a sport foundation.

When incorporating your previous skills into your new found sport, it is important to balance the two by creating a training plan that still includes both activities. Never fully switch one sport completely off to turn completely new one on.

Lastly, you should help yourself gain more self-awareness. Research suggests that specific behavioral styles are attracted to and suited to specific jobs and careers. By truly understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you can better equip yourself to find the perfect sport for you.

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