Glossour: Taking the digital marketing world to a whole new level

October 14 12:46 2021

Glossour thrives as a holistic digital marketing company and makes waves in the industry with its unique digital solutions and services.

It is wonderful to know the constant rise of industries and fields, even amidst trying times like these. Though it cannot be denied that the pandemic disrupted industries worldwide, it also presented brands and businesses with unique opportunities to thrive. The digital wave today has taken over fields, and more and more people and brands have adopted digital strategies and techniques to survive and grow in their respective niches. Major credit must go to the many digital marketing agencies and companies that helped them gain their momentum and the success they seek in their industries. Among them, one name that has been buzzing high recently is Glossour, a one-of-a-kind and holistic digital marketing company with core services like YouTube Marketing, SMM, Reputation Management, PR, Political E campaign and PPC.

Glossour is headquartered in Delhi, India, but currently, due to the ongoing pandemic, they operate with the WFH approach. The digital marketing agency is the vision of a young entrepreneur named Yash Mishra, who, while studying at Jaypee Institute of Information technology, Noida started his entrepreneurial business at age 19 in 2017. After four years in the industry, he dived deep into entrepreneurship to launch his company in the midst of a pandemic when he realized the world needed more digital marketing companies to help them survive such times and also help them grow their businesses. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Yash went all in and thus came into being his company Glossour. Yash Mishra today is a full-time entrepreneur with running two more companies in the retail and real estate sectors. Apart from that, he is also in the cryptocurrency and NFT space and has bigger plans for the future as well.

Glossour shines bright in the industry for its unconventional digital marketing methods, campaigns, tactics and techniques, with a personalized approach for dealing with each of its clients. Their extensive clientele includes artists, influencers, music labels, apps, political parties, brands, and businesses from different niches, etc., whom they have helped sail through these tough times.

Glossour has worked for 350+ clients across the globe, mainly in India, the US and Dubai. In the coming elections, the company would also be running an E-political campaign for a political party. In the future, they plan to create their international dominance in the industry.

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