Immerse in Nature and Rejuvenate at Zenerchi Retreat

October 14 20:00 2021
The perfect getaway for nature lovers or anyone looking for an authentic retreat in the paradise of Colombia.

Everyone deserves a break once in a while. Dedicating time for the purpose of rest, relaxation, and reflection has proven to be important in improving people’s well-being and quality of life. And the truth is, life can offer so much more, away from the daily hustle in the city.

After all, there are so many serene, secluded, and picturesque places to explore in this world – and one of which is located in the beautiful country of Colombia. For those eager to take a break or are planning their next vacation, Zenerchi Retreat is the place to be.

The famous John Muir had once said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” And this is exactly what Zenerchi Retreat offers.

Zenerchi Retreat is not like any other vacation destination. It is a place that allows its visitors to connect with nature, rejuvenate their physical bodies with Advanced Regenerative Human Cellular Tissue Therapies, and harmonize the mind and body as they appreciate the beauty of Colombia’s nature.

For their treatments, Zenerchi Retreat uses mesenchymal stem cell concentrate. While there are therapies that can be performed in the United States, advanced therapies can only be performed outside of the country. The Advanced Regenerative Human Cellular Tissue Therapies can help autoimmune conditions, unexplained infertility, arthritis, scar tissues, intimacy health, as well as anti-aging cosmetics and hair restoration.

People come to Zenerchi Retreat for many reasons, such as connecting to nature, relaxing, reflecting, and rejuvenating. Some people come to Zenerchi Retreat just for personal retreat, while others visit for Advanced Regenerative Human Cellular Tissue Therapies and the relaxation and recovery after the treatment. Visitors who are seeking recreation can also enjoy activities like meditation, yoga, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, organic horticulture, culinary experience, and golfing.

And the best thing is, any time is the perfect time to visit this place. Their location is situated at an elevation of 7,200 feet in the Andes Mountain Range, allowing them to have the perfect weather for winter or summer visits. Its climate, beauty, seclusion, and tranquility are some of the defining and most well-loved features of this retreat.

Founded by Dr. Yi Song, hosted by Jorge, and maintained by dedicated staff, Zenerchi Retreat does not only offer the pristine beauty of nature but also exquisite services, guaranteeing a restful stay.

Currently, Zenerchi Retreat offers its visitors three packages for its Cabaña: Simple, More, and All Inclusive. For bookings and more information about Zenerchi Retreat, visit their website at

About Zenerchi Retreat

Located in Colombia, Zenerchi Retreat is a year-round destination that offers an authentic retreat experience – immersing in nature, rejuvenating with human cellular tissue therapies, and harmonizing the mind and body.

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