Goldman Lampe Private Bank Launches New Internet Banking Platform that allows Cryptocurrency Exchange

October 15 02:51 2021

Goldman Lampe Private Bank is happy to announce the launch of its new internet banking platform, from which users are able to exchange euro to 23 the most popular cryptocurrencies. Any amount of the cryptocurrency can be also exchanged directly into the user’s euro account held by Goldman Lampe.

Following the Goldman Lampe Bank’s announcement of its purchase of 150 million EUR worth of Monero cryptocurrency, the bank created a new internet banking platform. Here users are granted a safe and easy way to perform day-to-day transactions, check all transactions and, as mentioned before, buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Such internet banking platform is highly innovative and not offered by any other bank in the world.

“Thanks to discrete, perfectly tailored solutions, Goldman Lampe quickly gained the position of one of the most significant financial institutions in the offshore private banking sector. As a result, we can guarantee specialised banking services within the European market, which cannot be found elsewhere. The cryptocurrency integrated within internet banking is a perfect example of this.”, says a spokesperson for Goldman Lampe Bank.

Goldman Lampe has spent years curating an elite offer of banking services that surpasses the generally available standards. The company’s internet banking system has created a new level of customer service that ensures effective money management with guaranteed discretion.

Goldman Lampe Private Bank is a UAE-headquartered bank but has representatives around the world, working tirelessly with a dedicated team of experts to meet all of its client’s needs.

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