Oncoderm Labs Releases Skincare Products Aimed Towards Cancer Patients

October 18 11:27 2021
Oncoderm Labs’ medical-grade skincare products are formulated to relieve skin, hair, and nail disorders experienced by cancer patients.

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy often experience uncomfortable side effects that affect their skin. That’s why Oncoderm Labs, a doctor-designed, safe, clean-ingredient skincare brand, offers both over-the-counter (via Amazon Prime) and precision prescription products (via Telemedicine customized visits) specifically formulated for cancer patients and survivors.

“When we hear cancer treatment side effects, most of us think of hair loss and nausea,” says Melissa Barrett, Co-founder and CEO of Oncoderm Labs, a new oncology support skincare brand. “But there are actually more than 52 side effects to the skin, hair, and nails that may develop from oncology treatments. Debilitating and demoralizing skin disorders such as severe rashes, extreme dryness and itch, and nail separation with infections are the most frequent and unexpected side effects of cancer treatment. And one-third of oncologists actually stop their patients’ cancer treatment due to these skin disorder interruptions, so it’s becoming more and more recognized in oncology that preventing and treating skin disorders during and after cancer treatment are very important.”

Oncoderm Labs uses only ingredients that meet the strict health and safety standards of the Environmental Working Group. This organization specializes in the research of the risk and safety of various chemical compounds. The clinic’s skincare products are paraben-free, fragrance-free, formaldehyde-free, FDA-approved, and proven to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. Some of its products include hydrating gels, nail restoration creams, and hair growth serums.

“We created Oncoderm Labs to support cancer patients and survivors with extremely sensitive skin and who face these dermatologic side effect challenges. Our in-house compounding pharmacists and our all-star medical advisory team of doctors developed Oncoderm’s clean-ingredient, fragrance-free skincare formulas to be free of many harmful ingredients such as propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, artificial dyes, PABA, or parabens. Many of the big-name brands that market themselves as “natural” contain these harmful ingredients that can actually cause or accelerate skin irritations, infections or disrupt a patient’s endocrine system,” added Barrett.

To purchase, patients first need to fill out an online questionnaire about their condition and discuss their treatment options with Oncoderm Labs’ specialists through the clinic’s telemedicine platform. Prescriptions are only given once the appropriate product is deemed safe for the patient.

Oncoderm Labs provides cancer patients the opportunity to relieve skin, hair, and nail disorders with the help of dedicated doctors, pharmacists, and care specialists. To learn more, visit https://oncodermlabs.com/.

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Oncoderm Labs provides a wide range of medical-grade skincare products specially formulated by a team of experienced oncodermatologists. They offer prescription products that provide relief for skin, hair, and nail disorders.

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