SmartWindow: A temperature sensing device that runs on low energy cost and fights global warming

October 20 16:30 2021
The SmartWindow is one of the best replacements for AC systems and window fans or vents.

October 20, 2021 – During summers, there is at least one part of the house that gets heated up faster and easier as compared to other rooms and areas. It happens so because those parts of the house are directly exposed to the sun. Therefore, we establish heavy air conditioners to keep this in check by paying heavy electricity bills. We also, in spite of knowing the drawbacks of having air conditioners, contribute to making global warming worse. In short, there are more disadvantages than advantages of having air conditioners set up widely in our houses. However, there is something that can put us in a better place without letting us harm our environment.

• A device that can be controlled through smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

• The SmartWindow monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity all the time to cool down the temperature inside the room. 

The SmartWindow is an automated window that observes outside air temperature and helps lower cooling costs by improving air quality. It senses the temperature and automatically brings fresh cool air inside the room. We can install the SmartWindow based on different seasons in a window or can permanently install it in the wall. Even if there already exists a cooling system in the room, the SmartWindow will work independently and solely on localized temperature detection. The device can either circulate outdoor air or provide an R20 insulating block with the help of a swivel cylinder design.

Brent Lamoureux, the product inventor, made SmartWindow after several trials and errors. He wanted to make something that is sustainable and is environmentally acceptable. Brent set up SmartWindow in his own house several times to test its features and believes that it is one of the best household products we can invest in. 

Those rooms in the house that receive direct sunlight or multi-story homes that majorly get affected by scorching sunlight can use SmartWindow on their walls to cool down the room temperature without using up heavy energy that leads to shocking electricity bills. The SmartWindow not only saves us from monetary damage but is also designed to save our environment from global warming. 

The main control board is based on the ultra-efficient Espressif ESP32 microcontroller. The device also has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth support that makes connecting with smartphones and Smart Home technology easy. With every software update, the device will be able to control and monitor temperatures from PC and laptops using Smart Home commands. 

SmartWindow has started a Kickstarter campaign, and it could be backed here.

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